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Seems Like Old Times

After months away, my husband is planning to be home on the weekends. There is much to do and it seems like old times. The dog doesn’t get it, yet, but will.

If you recall the Goldie Hawn/Chevy Chase/Charles Grodin movie Seems Like Old Times you’ll know that the supporting characters include the Judge, Aurora and the dogs. Plus the criminals.

Years ago I wrote a blog about the fictitious Aurora’s Chicken Pepperoni and I get hits on it every week. I’ve never made it or found a recipe for it but because this is a “cooking” blog people read my piece.

Oh, when Glenda walked up to that remote cabin in the woods and Nick answered the door…..  This can’t possibly be a spoiler alert because the movie was made in 1980. Sorry, Ira.

Now, Aurora, where’s that recipe? Or are you off to the hospital to get your feet scraped? Where are the dogs and where’s my car? I think it was stolen! Dee