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I now know why I won’t move back to California, only visit my husband in Silicon Valley.

Today, as a retired consultant, I was told that I might be considered for a job if I’ll take a typing test. Yes, a typing test.

Pre-computer age I was told never to say I could type looking for a job because I’d become a typist and nothing more. At high school graduation my English teacher Aunt gave me her first, the first, portable electric Smith-Corona typewriter and I was the envy in the dorms. Gals would line up. It was the heaviest “laptop” I’ve ever carried in the case. Now this 1957 beauty as in first edition, goes for six dollars on E-Bay. I still carry it around the country because it helped me educate myself and tell me I could write. My Aunt wanted me to have it, she believes in me to this day.

At my age I will not take a typing test to get a low-paying job. I am a college graduate. Yes, my MacBook is old and I’m getting a new one but will keep the old ICE, like I’ve my husband’s name ICE on my new iPhone, In Case of Emergency. I like taking care of things that serve me well. Thank you, reader, for being here. Hope all is well with you. Cheers! Dee


Dear Reader,

I was so shy I let bullies be bullies, until my neighbors stood up for me on what school kids called the “retard bus” because it had to traverse 20 miles through the countryside to pick up the farm kids. One might call me a hobby farm kid.

My aunt gave me her vintage 1957 Smith-Corona electric portable typewriter as a high school graduation gift, a gift that took her into teaching English to high school kids. I was the envy of the dorm. Of course this was pre-computer and laptops and everything else.

I was afraid to write, afraid to think or speak my mind, or sing. Writing 500 words was a challenge for me back then. Now I can do it in ten minutes if I know what my mind wants my fingers to type.

Sixth grade, I skipped tryouts after school for choir solos. The next day my teacher asked me to stay after school and look out the window. She played a note on the piano and asked me what it was. I told her. She made me sing a phrase from “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and made me lead off at the concert in front of family, friends and other parents.

I have had the gift of a great family and teachers and friends. Kids, do something that means something to you, it may be music or writing or computer code or math or being a doctor. Don’t bottle it up inside because people think women are inferior and don’t want to hear their thoughts. We are all important in this world. Dee


Yes, I was awakened from a dream of a typographical error. Must be from the first electric Smith-Corona portable made in 1957. My dear AL bought it that year and became an English teacher.

She gave the Smith-Corona to me on my high school graduation and it has been all over the country since that time and pre-desktop and laptop the envy of my dorm.

In the meantime whenever we used her “powder room” there was a dictionary there and I was instructed to come out with a new word and describe it.

I placed a call to her yesterday hoping all is well, but then I dreamed of a typo. Dee

ps Our place is redolent of stew smells and I can’t open windows because it’s 3 degrees. My desk is a cold place but the Beef Carbonnade was tasty. Beef, onions, bacon and beer. It needs to simmer another hour or two, as the gas stove was flaky and that pot can’t go in the oven.