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Dear Roger Ebert,

I hear you up there arguing with your pal Gene Siskel already, and your family is waiting for you.

It may not seem like much but you taught me to think about movies. For that, I thank you and your brother Siskel.

My husband knows nearly every change in the Star Wars 4-6 entree. He is waiting for the original to come back, and for the collection we lent a friend of the new ones that was never returned.

Breaking it down to its parts and figuring out what the movie/director/producer really wanted to impart is the key, then defining whether they executed it.

Thumbs up to Roger Ebert for educating at least two generations. To his dear wife Chaz I give my heartfelt condolences. Cheers, Dee


Dear Mr. Bad Blake

The actor that played you in Crazy Heart deserves the Oscar, just as he deserved the Golden Globe and SAG awards. You even made me like actor Colin Farrell, for a moment at least. I agree that the relationship between you and Tommy Sweet should have been fleshed out more because the relationship between Bad/Jean was pre-destined.

One thing you might have done is re-kindle my interest in acoustic guitar. I’ve already figured out one of your songs and will work on others. And I’m a rank beginner, not like actor Jeff Bridges, who plays “The Weary Kind” on youtube.

My husband found the movie tough and a bit sad. It is, but I knew that going in. I went for the story and the music and was not disappointed in the least by either. And with Robert Duvall and the songwriters/singers, this is a film I’ve waited for with great anticipation and every hope was realized. Thanks, Otis. Cheers from a transitory Texas gal.

Merry Christmas

I woke up the dog this morning at seven to go for a nice walk in the park with her buddy Jasper. She’s eaten her breakfast and is nestled under my down pillows with Jim, both sound asleep over two hours later. Jim deserves it, Zoe does as Zoe wants.

So, it’s grey and cloudy today, so far. My holiday decorations consist of one bay leaf wreath Mom gave me, that is up indoors year-round. One wreath on the front door with two ornaments (photo on site) and a crinkly-leafed poinsettia. No tree or other decorations or presents.

We’ll probably see one of the new movies this afternoon, and I have one of Jim’s favorite dinners planned that is easy to execute if I have an hour to make baked potatoes. A quiet day to say hello to family long-distance. I’ve been looking for a place to live. We checked out these incredibly snooty new places (still being built) the other day and I don’t know what they’ve been smoking over there. The two-bedroom is nice but in this economy they’re charging Reagan-era prices. No thanks.

I just re-located a site with a lot of this one guy’s renovations. We have been in touch once in the past and he had nothing that met our needs at the time. Uniquely, he rents a lot to college students and recent grads who stick with him from basic studios and one bedrooms on up. In the past he’s done a lot of the restorations of vintage properties himself and I can always tell his work because the floors are gorgeous wood, built-in bookcases, Viking ranges, unique materials and always vintage-looking tile in the bathrooms. Problem is, many of his places are under 1,000 s.f., have no available parking or storage and have only one bathroom.

Now I believe he’s branched his site out to others with quality properties and there are a few I’ll show to Jim when he’s awake and has eaten breakfast. I plan to make my chicken salad for lunch with tarragon and roasted pecans and celery, and there’s a bowl full of broccoli soup I can heat up for him. Ribeye and loaded baked potato for dinner, with perhaps braised carrots, and/or steamed green beans. I’ll decide later on.

Ironically we combed our local grocery store yesterday, stocking up because they’re going to be closed for 36 whole hours! I think it’s the hurricane mentality. Ten pounds of potatoes; two boxes Raisin Bran with blackberries for topping; 48 rolls of toilet paper; four rolls paper towels; dozens of sodas; wine; chicken broth for the dog; and perhaps a partridge in a pear tree.

Enjoy the day! After gifts and breakfast our family started to get bored. Mom and I slaved in the kitchen getting ready the prime rib, Yorkshire pudding and vegetables. Mince tarts and cookies were already done. Sister and brother would announce they were going to a movie so we had to change dinner time while I was seething that I had to be the responsible one and help out at home. Dad was working while listening to classical music on the stereo. Yeah, that was probably the year before Mom and Dad split up. It’s been a mishmash since then. No more “tradition.”

So there are a few new movies out today and I think we’ll go. Otherwise I did purchase Mamma Mia last week and it remains unopened. If we want to laze around we could do that and see a movie tomorrow. So that’s what I’m thinking nearly 9:30 a.m. and having some quiet time at home. Cheers! Dee

Forever Young

Bob Dylan, childrens book, Forever Young. I did place it on my Amazon Wish List. I need to read it thoroughly before giving it to any child I know. Oblique references to “Lay, Lady, Lay” with a big brass bed? We’ll see. If it makes a child think of the world and his/her place in it, perhaps.

Can we do ten favorite movies next? My brother and I had a competition years ago and we both went way over the limit, but that doesn’t mean you can do so.

If you were stranded on a deserted isle with no-one, a 42″ flat screen TV and electricity and water and food and all the DVD’s in the world, what ten movies would you watch over all others? No. You have to look over the world of movies and choose ten that you can have on your isle. What would you choose?

Just like Gilligan’s TV show a boat will come to take away the other 50,000 movies but for some inexplicable reason, will not rescue you. Even if you just saw the re-runs, why didn’t the Professor and Captain get them out of there? Didn’t Tina Louise need more gilded dresses?

Go for it. It’s a wonderful life, and looks to be a white christmas here, but I have a letter out of Africa from both Meryl Streep and Katharine Hepburn that reminds me of little women and the song that Sam was not to play at Rick’s. The hills are alive with do-re-mi and Thelma and Louise need me to help a young Frankenstein get the flux capacitor working so that Michael J Fox can go back to the future.

I truly, madly, deeply love you for putting up with me these seven months. Please write in. Thanks, Dee and the Tin Man, who has a heart after all


Since I’m between ice packs, I’ll tell you a story. Mom always had a rule that one did not go to the movies on a sunny afternoon. It wastes the day, she said.

So, my youngest sister and I were living in California where it was sunny every day. She came over one afternoon and we decided to go to a matinee. Driving out from the neighborhood we ran into friend Norma. She asked where we were going and one of us blurted out “The mall!” and the other “The beach!” Simultaneously, of course.

Norma said “You’re going to the movies. I’m calling your mother!” Of course we were both adults at the time, well out of college and working.

When I lived in Brooklyn with no air conditioning, sometimes I went to the movies twice on a really hot weekend day. Movies were paid A/C!

So, even the neighbors knew of Mom’s prohibition. Who’re they going to tell now? I have to go get more ice and lie down until I can take more pain medication. Ow.

Cooking at the Movies

OK, favorite movies or scenes that involve food:

– Big Night, with the pasta/potato fiasco
– gnocchi a la cousins Vincent and Mary in Godfather III
– Charles Grodin rhapsodizing on Potatoes Lyonnaise in Midnight Run

Lots of space, folks, just write in!

Tropic Thunder

Packed theater. Funny send-up of Hollywood spoofing Hollywood. Fully deserves its R rating. My review: fun summer movie.

As to criticism of “racism” and of negative connotations of films portraying the mentally challenged, I say no way. Racism is for white Aussie Kirk Lazarus having a skin pigmentation operation so he can play a 1969 Black sergeant and inhabit the role. Disabled people should not boycott the film because rapidly fading action star Tugg Speedman decided to play a “Rain Man” type role to attain Oscar glory. It is a spoof of actors and producers and directors and what they’ll stoop to for glory and the almighty dollar.

We’ve got just a few moments to change and get to a party so have a wonderful Saturday night! Dee