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Homage to Cary Grant

Do you remember the opening scene to “To Catch a Thief” when John Robie “The Cat” was on a boat with the soon-to be-caught “kitten” and he was wearing a blue and white-striped shirt?

I’ve a black and white one, tiny stripes and mock turtleneck, form-fitting. I’ll never be as good looking as he was.

My favorite line of the film was when Grace Kelly looked at his villa and said “Mother will love it here.” Priceless. Cheers from Dee



Every website has a “home” but we have a home. A real home, not one on a blog or somewhere in cyberspace. We have a home.

Our home does not trick us into “contact us,” it’s just home where you make dinner and breakfast and take out the dog. Hang out in your pj’s and watch old movies.

Home to me is my best friend, my husband, flying in for the weekend and hanging out with me and our dog. I make him great food and we relax and enjoy the company and he gets to sleep in. I’ve got the dog, out, food, bed. I’m awake now, for good as she’s already got my side of the bed. Now that’s home!

Tomorrow I’ve some lovely potatoes to roast. Also a beef Carbonnade with onions, bacon and beer. I’ll look for some nice tomatoes at the market for a salad.

I miss him. It’s only four days this week. Seven months last year, I do miss him but just told him on the phone that I sleep much better when he’s gone! He inadvertently touches the dog, she jumps off the bed, comes over to my side and whines to get up. Me, Otis the Elevator Operator gets up, lifts her back and I get no sleep.

That’s home. Perhaps I’ll try pancakes or corn cakes for breakfast Saturday. Sausages sound good. Or my corn pudding with chorizo, a hit everywhere. I still don’t have menus together for Saturday and Sunday night. We’ll see. After all, we’re home. Re-runs, anyone? Food and movies. Dee

Seems Like Old Times

After months away, my husband is planning to be home on the weekends. There is much to do and it seems like old times. The dog doesn’t get it, yet, but will.

If you recall the Goldie Hawn/Chevy Chase/Charles Grodin movie Seems Like Old Times you’ll know that the supporting characters include the Judge, Aurora and the dogs. Plus the criminals.

Years ago I wrote a blog about the fictitious Aurora’s Chicken Pepperoni and I get hits on it every week. I’ve never made it or found a recipe for it but because this is a “cooking” blog people read my piece.

Oh, when Glenda walked up to that remote cabin in the woods and Nick answered the door…..  This can’t possibly be a spoiler alert because the movie was made in 1980. Sorry, Ira.

Now, Aurora, where’s that recipe? Or are you off to the hospital to get your feet scraped? Where are the dogs and where’s my car? I think it was stolen! Dee


The Movie Pact

Our first date, in 2001, was at the movies, big screen and reclining seats, and then a Mexican dinner. We saw Anthony Hopkins in Hearts in Atlantis.

Years after marriage, we know several things. I love Star Wars, IV and VI especially, not the prequels. He is joyful to find me up on a Star Wars marathon and goes back to sleep knowing every detail that was changed from the original version.

It’s usually tit for tat. I get one, he gets one. Normally we agree but Netflix and Amazon Prime have thrown us for a loop. We live in the city and have two small cinemas close by. All the megaplexes are in the suburbs.

I think our paid channels should at least make us walk around the block before viewing. We always went to a movie every weekend afternoon and now we don’t.

Here’s the deal. My husband is always paying me back for giving in to a colleague and making me see “The Ring.” So he’s seen Memoirs of a Geisha twice, once with me, and once with a former friend.

Let’s just say it’s spy/intrigue/cops vs the Brontes and Jane Austen. And I love my spy novels. Horror films are off the charts. Nightmares ensue, The Ring.

When we disagree, seldom, I get one movie and he gets one movie. When in LA we stayed up ’til midnight to see the opening of Harry Potter without kids. Did you say movie buffs? Happy viewing, Dee


Newer Not Better

I have the new iPhone, Tablet, or the pre-issued PS4! Yea! No, I don’t. I’ve an iPhone 3, not even 3G and I don’t need to show it off to people, only need it in emergencies.

In my mind Michelangelo’s Pieta beats Dadaists any day, though I do love the cloth sinking toilet and Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe.

Compare Casablanca to anything by Jerry Bruckheimer. Depth vs. skin deep.

Here’s the rub. NCIS. I like this show because it was smart and fun. I’ve been laid up for a couple of days so have seen a few segments of its evil stepchild, NCIS: Los Angeles. In NCIS they wore suits and talked to suspects and worked a tough case. In LA, they wear t-shirts and hoodies and just shoot people and blow up cars. They have Bruckheimered television. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a diehard fan of Linda Hunt and also enjoy Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J.

Is dumbing down everything just because we have CGI, special effects and good looking young bucks right?

Give me Tara, even Star Wars Episode IV (don’t tell my husband that’s one of my favorite movies) over all this techno-babble the movie and tv people want us to see now. Give me some Mark Harmon! Dee

ps I hope I’ve coined a new word, “Bruckheimered.” I’m sure he doesn’t care if his name is in the press good or bad as long as he gets press and makes money.



Do you know one of 199 reasons I love my husband? He went to the movie theater not once, but twice to see Memoirs of a Geisha with me.

Yes, we switch, he gets one and I get one but this was painful for him.

I now know nearly every word of Star Wars: Episode 4 and actually choose to watch it in the middle of the night when he is asleep.

Of course I’m into oldies, indies, drama, history, rom com. He likes more action and violence. So we trade. Get married 10 years and it’ll all sort itself out. Dee


Seems Like Old Times

Hello Neil Simon, my dad graduated from your high school but you probably didn’t know him as he was four years junior. Thank you for your body of work that amazes me whenever I read one of your scripts or see a movie or play.

To Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase and Charles Grodin, you made this picture. I started a cooking blog years ago and still I get requests for Aurora’s Chicken Pepperoni!

Because you were so funny in Seems Like Old Times I thought you would like to know that people still want the recipe for Aurora’s Chicken Pepperoni and I don’t have it to give them, and doubt Aurora does but she played a great role.

Thank you for entertaining us and doing good work. Cheers, Dee