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Sense and Sensibility

I love Jane Austen. Perhaps it’s something about vocabulary, having money and never working a day in one’s life, as one who has never had that luxury. Or considering only manners and dress and who has a better chance at marrying into a “good” family. Americans do it, without the royalty. I learned proper English from three special ladies.

Years ago I was so emotionally involved with both volunteer service and clients I didn’t have time for anything but my pets, dear Nathan, Chani and Mick.

My husband started a new job this week and after being gone for nearly seven months on another, cancelled his flight home. He’s been in a hotel, sick with flu, for three days. Luckily I packed him some tea bags and the hotel has soup. We decided it was not right for him to fly home early or for me to fly to him.

We discussed it yesterday and he told me he is not coming home this weekend as planned. We agreed that if he was really ill he’d come back but I knew he’d go to the doctor and spend the week. He’s at work today and decided not to go through the stress of multiple flights and just stay, rest and sleep over the weekend. Thank goodness for his mobile thingie for Netflix. He’s already a few shows ahead of me on Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards! The world would not be such a great place without Kevin Spacey in it. Sorry Kevin, my husband outranks you.

No emotionality, no crying. We made a decision and are sticking to it. Cloudy, 33 degrees, out with our dog at both 6 and 8 a.m. There’s stuff to do. No time for tears. A car carrier is arriving sometime and I have to deal with my husband’s car. Unload, inspect, pay driver, drive to wash, dry, park and cover. It’s just another series of tasks I do as a living single, married dog owner.

I love hanging out with my husband on weekends and cooking him special meals, and it will soon be time to re-introduce him to our dog. She loves him (more than me because he’s the fun guy) but is suspicious as he flies in for a weekend then disappears. There’s also the suitcase thing she hates. Whenever one is packed she starts singing “Trouble.” Don’t worry. We always bring in a great caretaker. Years later she pulls me down the street to see one. Think of the dog in “Up.” Cheers. You are my master and I love you, Doug


The Movie Pact

Our first date, in 2001, was at the movies, big screen and reclining seats, and then a Mexican dinner. We saw Anthony Hopkins in Hearts in Atlantis.

Years after marriage, we know several things. I love Star Wars, IV and VI especially, not the prequels. He is joyful to find me up on a Star Wars marathon and goes back to sleep knowing every detail that was changed from the original version.

It’s usually tit for tat. I get one, he gets one. Normally we agree but Netflix and Amazon Prime have thrown us for a loop. We live in the city and have two small cinemas close by. All the megaplexes are in the suburbs.

I think our paid channels should at least make us walk around the block before viewing. We always went to a movie every weekend afternoon and now we don’t.

Here’s the deal. My husband is always paying me back for giving in to a colleague and making me see “The Ring.” So he’s seen Memoirs of a Geisha twice, once with me, and once with a former friend.

Let’s just say it’s spy/intrigue/cops vs the Brontes and Jane Austen. And I love my spy novels. Horror films are off the charts. Nightmares ensue, The Ring.

When we disagree, seldom, I get one movie and he gets one movie. When in LA we stayed up ’til midnight to see the opening of Harry Potter without kids. Did you say movie buffs? Happy viewing, Dee