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Seems Like Old Times

Hello Neil Simon, my dad graduated from your high school but you probably didn’t know him as he was four years junior. Thank you for your body of work that amazes me whenever I read one of your scripts or see a movie or play.

To Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase and Charles Grodin, you made this picture. I started a cooking blog years ago and still I get requests for Aurora’s Chicken Pepperoni!

Because you were so funny in Seems Like Old Times I thought you would like to know that people still want the recipe for Aurora’s Chicken Pepperoni and I don’t have it to give them, and doubt Aurora does but she played a great role.

Thank you for entertaining us and doing good work. Cheers, Dee


Dog House

Yep, I’m there, where I’ll remain for the forseeable future.

I’ve worked with shelter dogs, Greyhounds just off the track, and owned two dogs at different times, first a desperate rescue for ten years until she died and now Zoe. We’ve had Zoe for nearly ten years and had her hips taken out as a pup because she had the worst hip dysplasia her surgeon had ever seen.

Cats are in my purr-view as well, both canine and feline volunteering and ownership for nearly 25 years. Spaying and neutering over 2,000 feral cats over a six-year period was a milestone.

I like to walk to the grocery stores around here. Often I take a bag with my wallet, over my shoulder, for small items, or a rolling cart when I need to purchase heavier things.

Zoe does not go with me unless my husband is there and stays outside with her while I shop, even though she’s nearly ten years old and has been with us since she was six weeks of age. I’m always afraid someone will give her a treat and she is so trusting that she’d go with anyone or run out into traffic.

Today I went to our local “convenience” market for a couple of little things I needed for dinner. The butcher had to grind some meat for me so I took a few moments longer than anticipated, so rushed home to get groceries in the frig and start dinner.

En route, I realized I left poor Zoe tied up to a bicycle stand outside the grocery store! She was only there about four moments longer and was sitting patiently awaiting my arrival. I feel horrible! She’s asleep on her big bed by my desk right now and has probably forgotten about it 1/2 hour later because she’s only dreaming of squirrels and thinking about her dinner, but I feel awful.

Please, Penny, Clouseau, Nike, Chani, Nathan, Mick and now Zoe… forgive me. Also Val. I’ve never done this in all my life and if I did have a defense it would be that I never take her and leave her outside the grocery store. Car is OK if the temperature works for her (high of 50 and out of the sun with windows open for no longer than ten minutes). She loves the car and no-one can easily steal her.

Mea culpa, Dee