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Where Everybody

knows his name. Like Cheers, my husband likes to be as pale as can be and blend in with the locals. He did in Scotland, now wants to do so in Australia. He’s just a head taller than anyone else so if I remember the shirt or jacket he has on, I can find him. He’s usually in strange produce or ice cream.

You want to go where everyone knows your troubles are the same. You want to go where everyone knows your name. Well, everyone knows our dog’s name and says hello. They don’t necessarily know our names but everyone knows Zoe.

We used to have a restaurant close by that is now a flower shop I frequent, back then we’d just show up at the bar and have a burger. Everyone knew our names. Dee



I would not ever use them on my family or our dog, who is probably the most spoiled canine on the planet. Or cheat on our food, except a frozen Friday Night Pizza from the convenience store so when his plane arrives I can have the oven heating. Flights from the West Coast are notoriously late or cancelled, I make excellent dough and pizza but I’m not going to get up at 11 p.m. to make the dough (Italian OO flour) and prepare the toppings. Dog Zoe and I are in bed by then.

My husband wants to use highways, paid or toll-free, to get everywhere. He says they’re faster but they’re usually clogged with traffic and I don’t normally drive more than two miles a day.

He’s off at work for the day or week or month and I need groceries, his dry cleaning and more. We move to a new city and I have to learn my way around. This was before GPS and what he calls “Google Girl.”

I find back streets to take me to the grocery. He tells me I’m “sneaky.” I show him the way and he takes it! Way to go, Dee!

Don’t tell him, but I also try to add veggies and fiber to his diet. Sneaky, yes. Just clean a pile of radishes or peel a jicama and make a salad with apple and vinaigrette. Those are not really shortcuts.

We spent nearly a year to get our Zoe to adopt a food and she has, for nearly 14 years. I never take shortcuts on that, except to make sure her tummy can take the raw food dry version for car trips as no-one will sell us dry ice here to keep her frozen raw food good during travel. I usually have it delivered every few weeks. She loves M, who takes it to our door and tells a story while he pets her. Some shortcuts are good! Dee

Blue Skies

Smiling at me

Nothing but blue skies

Do I see


No fleas are looking at me

Nothing but no fleas

Do I see


Our Zoe has had three fleas this past week. The first, he found and methodically bathed her for 30 minutes, enough to kill a family of fleas. One jumped on top of her dense fur at the park and he sent it to its demise. Another he found a few days ago and we both flea-combed her and didn’t find anything.

She eats excellent food and has never had a flea in nearly 14 years. I think it’s a combination of a warm winter/summer and her slowing down a bit with age.

Attack mode. I’ve been through this before with rescued animals. Boric acid on the carpets. Vacuum. Diatomaceous earth (worms) but he went the extra mile and got dog soap that kills the eggs, larvae, pupa and adults and she has to have that bath this morning, after she had flea medication the other day.

He also got 10# of diatomaceous earth for carpets and doorways. THEN he got a carpet cleaner solution and is renting one today (ours is with his mother 1,500 miles away). Yes, the carpet cleaning solution gets rid all of those above and we’ve a friend coming in to help move furniture to get everything.

My solution when I found out my adopted kitten brought in fleas was to comb them under flourescent lights and place any fleas in a dishwashing solution so they would drown. I ended up finding many eggs in the bedding so trashed all of their bedding and bought new after I did the carpets with borate and entries with diatom dust. Of course I bathed them. Cats are tough in water, I think I still have the scratches! My solution was much less expensive and intensive than my husband’s. He is a physicist so I’ll let him do his thing. I liked the borate salt and diatomaceous earth because they were benign to animals, including us.

Zoe had three fleas total, one she never brought home from the park, and my husband is tearing our home apart to make sure there are not more. He will not let me help except to clean bedding and carpets. I guess that’s my job today. Hope all’s well with you. Dee

Ghost Pup

Yes, we have her for the weekend. She can be sound asleep and I tiptoe out of the room and she is at my destination before I arrive. I believe she is done with teething and is going out regularly and has the right collar and leash so she and my dog can walk together at least four times per day.

She is easily trainable but stubborn. Kind of like me. Her family needs to get away so as a neighbor, we’ll take her in.

Do you know that the dog-walking services would cost me $250 per day? That’s more than we would stay at a hotel, buy gas and food en route to my husband’s family home. They stay 6 hrs. per night, two walks, then I add another two walks and I just ask myself what am I doing? I take care of other dogs I know for free, even helped them en route to death. The sister and I had a 100 lb. dog on a cart, taking him out. Years later I still water his favorite tree and visit his ashes.

I’m not called the dog lady for nothing. Oh, I’m also the cat lady but can not be so as my husband is allergic. I just found a photo, used as a bookmark in an old cookbook, of my dear old dog that died in 2001. Chani is sleeping next to her grey cat friend Sam who got into our gate every day to spend a few hours safe in the sun. They never snuggled, but were, as my Aunt would say, “by.” I’ll have it framed and perhaps send it along with a better story. I think even with Zoe we were always “the brute squad.” Mockingbirds never attacked my pup Zoe or Meow Meow (a moocher) years ago with me at the head of the pack. It was more of a daily parade. Cheers! Dee

A Comb-Out

One worries when an old dog blows her coat. Undercoat, like down. She does it every day but I know it may be a cold winter this year and perhaps the ice will be hard enough for them to ice fish this year and that we can bring them some pastries and local beer.

For the time being I’m just brushing the coat and filling waste baskets with the undercoat. She had a healthy physical and passed all her tests. It is my sincere hope that she will grow a new one for winter, and is not ill. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is our family. Not so cheerily, Dee

Getting Things Done

That is what one does in a family, a marriage. He washed the dog the other day, methodical. My way is more of a massage.

She doesn’t like hair dryers so I let her air dry for 24 hours. I probably got enough coat for 1/4 sweater if I knew how to spin yarn, or even knit. She’ll need another comb-out today as she’s throwing all her undercoat to get ready for winter. I fluff her out in the park because I believe the squirrels and birds that stick around for a cold winter would love down comforters in their nests.

We got health insurance the other day, due to an ingenious idea from me. We’re having a pork tenderloin marinated in beer and grainy mustard, on the grill this evening.

It is not even seven a.m. but I have to take old Zoe out then feed her and lift her back up to the bed. Much to do. Meetings, clean-up, I’m on it. Cheers! Happy Monday, Dee


Categorical Names

Every Greyhound on the track of last resort, Caliente, had the same name from their handlers. When they “retired” instead of being shot in the head they came to a place that rehabilitated them and found the right people to adopt for individuals or families.

In the meantime we took them out, fed them and gave them their medication, mostly for low thyroid. And we gave them temporary names on a theme, before their forever home would change it.

They always had the same health certificates to cross the Mexican border to the US, and no name.

Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss,

Julia, Simka, Alex G, Iron Chef

Tyler, GZ, Emeril,

Emily (Dickinson), Beatrix Potter, Jane Austen

Edison, Marconi, Galileo,

Shakespeare, Machiavelli, Sun Tzu,

Callas, Horne, Sills (opera)

Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga

Trisha, Garth, Johnny Cash

CSNY, PPM, Dylan and Baez

James Taylor, Dave Mason, Van Morrison,

Harry Chapin, Jackson Browne, Simon & Garfunkel

Prairie (for PPL), Emmylou, Jimmy Buffet

Marty Robbins, Burl Ives, Juni Fisher

Bucky (Buckminster Fuller), he asked me to call him Bucky, Leonardo Da Vinci, Eddy (Thomas Alva Edison)

Donatello, Michelangelo, Fra Angelico,

Secretariat, Man o’ War, Seabiscuit….

I made lists of a correlated bunch every week, these are only samples I thought of, just now, from many years later. This is a mind burst that reminds me of the needs of these beautiful creatures, Yes, I assigned the naming task to myself. I wanted them to have at least a temporary name before they were healthy and adopted. That’s just who I am. Now may I be excused to take out my dog? She’s slowing down at near 14 and we have to see the vet and consider options at some point.

Hating to think of her demise, I ran into a gentleman yesterday who opened a door for us and said she was the nicest dog around. Even at her age she teaches young ones and as an old lady, puts them in their place with just a stare. Just like my father did with my high school dates! She would never growl or bark consistently (only when the window washers hit their boots coming down to our windows, then I take her out and say they’re our friends and here to help us) or bite.

Naming these sad Greyhounds is like re-naming Zoe. Her adoptive name was unacceptable. She was sick and then had hip problems. I did research on names, came up with twenty, narrowed it to five. After she jumped out of the box and sniffed the wind and was enamored being in the car on my lap we named her Zoe, Greek for life, and I hope I helped thousands of rescued Greyhounds before I ever met this sweet girl.

We never adopted one of these couch potatoes but may think of it if I’ve a good fenced dog park around, as I love to see them as they run, on their own, for joy. Cheers in dog-dom, Dee