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We don’t do enough of it. My husband will be around for a few days, not just a two-day weekend, and we don’t know what we are doing or if he will have a job next month.

A kind woman who works here changed her entire work schedule to be able to spend weekends with her family, including two young boys age six and four. They planned an entire weekend with favorite animated films, food and bedtimes.

She told me yesterday that they planned to awaken at 5:30 this morning for breakfast and a quick film before school. She’s young enough to be my daughter, but if I come back one day, she’d make a great mom.

I gave her the concise OED, two volumes with teeny print and a Bausch and Lomb magnifying glass and box, 1971 Edition, published in 1973. She said she was glad her boys had a dictionary so they wouldn’t need to Google everything for school. Her older son has a steel trap of a mind, met me and my dog for five minutes at the fourth birthday party for the younger son, to which we were invited.

He drew a crayon sketch of our Zoe, and Ms. D that is up on our frig for all to see. Well, it’s more flattering of Zoe than of me. I called my barber that minute and got an appointment as I am shown with a purple scrunchie atop my head! He said, OK, so you don’t need a haircut. Yes! A six year-old just did a caricature of me and I need a haircut!

Cheers, raise smart, good kids. Also smart, good dogs. Not everyone needs a herding dog, like our Aussie mix, but after 13 years of being herded, one gets used to it. Let’s see what my husband does with her in a week, perhaps toss her in the Lake? If he does, she’ll be OK as she dove into a caretaker’s pool at nine weeks of age and they pulled her out after she swam across – it was February. We hope to have guests next week and are planning on it already. The leaves are starting to come out on the trees. It may be Spring! Cheers! Dee

Do Dogs Dream?

Cesar Millan asked this question last week and his site would not allow me to respond. Yes, they do dream. Our 13 year-old Zoe just had one and I hated to leave her to come in here and write this. She’s a herder and will be by my side in under three minutes.

The tail wags, ears twitch, eyes open and close. Then the entire body twitches and the paws run like crazy. Sometimes she awakens for a walk and breakfast, and sometimes the REM phase just puts her back asleep. I like to guess whether it’s a squirrel, bunny or mouse. When she was young and faster she did kill two mice with precision and my husband took each out of her mouth immediately and fed them to the baby birds over the fence in the protected wildlife area. 1,200 acres, five feet away. Moose crashed a wedding and elk jumped the fence and crossed the highway. I used to make our bedroom balcony available for credentialed photographers. What a view.

The baby colts (young Greater Sandhill Cranes) would make sounds at night. I’d awaken and tell my husband that mom was going to the 7-11 to get them something to eat. There was no 7-11, and we didn’t see any this year. Years ago there was a fox that hung out there for hours every day, waiting for the 6′ parents to leave their colts. They never did, “married” for life and raised colts every year. The fox always left, disappointed. Hey, you just chose the wrong prey!

Yes, dogs do dream. She’s never had a thing for any bird, as there is a turkey who lives in our neighborhood and he is pardoned by all of us every Thanksgiving! She just ignores him as she walks by on leash.

She has been with me for 20 minutes and can jump down, just not up. Time for “last chance” and bed. You know who’s the boss now. It certainly is not me. Cheers! Dee

I Love Robert Klein

And he still can’t stop his leg. My parents took us to see him in the early 70’s when he was doing much of his fifties stuff. They were stories of being a kid. The kid who dropped the flag and kissed the tassels, the homogenized milk where he saw the word “homo” and wondered what was going on.

Mr. Klein, comic, actor, rocked my world when I was still a kid, in Washington D.C. He was opening for Ms. “Delta Dawn” and I could google her name but he was all I remember. We got an album and my sister and l laughed with him for years.

We must have missed many “adult” references at the time but parents telling kids when they could swim? Thirty minutes. Jello. Ten minutes. Franks and beans, you’re going down to Davey Jones’ locker. Those are his thoughts, not his words.

He taught me, along with Dad, that I could be the smart kid. Later in life I could write legislation that affected 34 million people. As I aged I could write about experiences, food and opinions. I no longer sat in the back of the class being shy. Now I’ve a blog and let my opinions be known, at least when my husband can get my new computer. monitor, printer and keyboard to play well together in the sandbox. I take care of everything else. He’s a physicist/software engineer so takes care of electronics.

Thank you, Mr. Klein, for opening my eyes to opportunities. To Dad for opening my mind to simple things like learning to lick an ice cream cone, fair play with neighbors in two-base baseball where we carried babies and they purposely fumbled the ball, he died over the holidays. He introduced me to the wild wacky world of yours and I am able to tell stories. Cheers! Dee



Today I had a “date” with a gal pal to go shopping with her four month-old son, G. We followed her in the stroller through the shop. I figure she hasn’t been out in the cold weather to get more than groceries these days.

We came back to our place and I played the guitar for G and he was fascinated. Then we went to their place and I held G and Mommy was amazed that she got a break and that G liked me! He even placed his head on my shoulder for a couple of minutes and slept. He is very bright and vivacious, and very strong, was standing and jumping on my legs, and dancing to music when Mom was holding him while I played guitar and sang Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land.”

I came home and an hour later after I fed and took out our dog Zoe I sat back on the sofa and crashed. I don’t know how Mommy does this all day! Just know I’m too old for it. G’s 13 lbs. and a healthy, growing infant.

I do believe he needs to be exposed to music, and I’d like to talk to Mom about sign language. I’ve a friend who did that with her kids. Simple things like change my diaper, feed me, pick me up. Then she taught “I love you.” and when they came to visit when she was six years old she still signed Mom I love you when she went off to play with the dogs.

Before they can vocalize they can do sign language to let parents know if they’re feeling ill, need to be fed or need a diaper change. I think it’s amazing! No, I fear they’ll never ask to be put down for a nap to give Mommy a break! Cheers, Dee


A Nation?

I wrote a certain Congresswoman to say thanks for what she’s doing and what her bravado and courage meant to me 25 years ago.

She will not accept any mail from outside her district. This is not our country, our US of A, it is mini-fiefdoms. That is what our elected officials have become. Entrenched, enriched, with way better health care and ready to retire comfortably.

Can we say that about us? No job security, sometimes no job. No health insurance that means anything. No retirement and even with a bit in savings I believe our interest is about $6 per year.

Now it’ll get worse. The middle and lower tax brackets will be raised so rich people can get richer. When a representative of Congress refuses to take a thank-you that’s a sign that we have fiefdoms, not a country, I vote for the country in which I was born, the United States of America. Not every state or each congressional district. I was born here, I live here and should be allowed to send a thank-you note. Cheers! Dee

Insurance. Fraud.

I have insurance. Lots of it, for everything but Dad’s precious paintings they want appraised before they’ll insure.

Of late (and I get up early/late) there are ads to take DNA tests for ancestry. I do not know what the privacy policies are but I just saw one around ten p.m. that promised health analyses and kidney and other functions. They must sell this information or be hired by insurers.

If this is a way to deny deserving people health care, our government should be ashamed. I paid $1,200 per month for health care on time every month last year with a company that denied ER, consultation, surgery, biopsy of my tumor and final follow-up visit. $15K. I’ve been fighting them since the first denial that said since only my head was spurting blood it was not a danger to life or limb. I wrote back that if my head was gone my limbs would not be of much use. I had an 8×8 mm tumor.

Luckily I am able to say it was benign but I may have more. Needless to say at the changing point we opted for new health insurance and I am pursuing legal action against the company. Now I just call it Inhumane. Guess the company. When I go on Medicare I will  never choose them as no matter what you pay in, nothing ever comes out. OK, it does but only in the form of employee bonuses for denying every claim that comes in.

I may have another eye tumor and am afraid of doctors a bit, but mostly hospitals and insurance companies. Thanks, for reading and listening and keeping in touch. Dee

Hey There Delilah

I am taking up guitar again and had mine reconditioned and just got my music from storage. Homage to the Plain White T’s for the only song I have that is of this century. Dad was a musician so I’ll take it up for him. His life was more important than me giving up violin after seven years to go to the mall with my gal pals.

Delilah is my computer, my savior ten years ago when we moved overseas. I could get access to bill pay, Skype and talk to home. She was a peach but I’m three OS’s behind and software is blocking me now.  I’ll save you ICE (in case of emergency) but yesterday my husband made me get a new laptop, it’s charging right now. I’m sorry. It’s half your weight and 1/3 the thickness, more oomph for memory, storage and battery life. And my husband is getting me a newer, bigger monitor. I just have to find a new “skin” for my cord-free keyboard.

Sorry for “cheating” on you. You’ve been a stalwart friend who has helped me write, pay bills and taxes, and answer emails. Thank you for your service. It is much appreciated. Thanks, D, from Dee and thank you, reader! Tonight it’s NY Strip and loaded baked potato. I have to figure out how to hide kale. Hmmmm, Dee