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Yours? Ours!

I just met people from a furniture rental company who commandeered, legally, one of our two elevators. They then lectured me about using the second one, saying they needed that as well. I and my husband and our little old dog live many floors up and cannot use the stairs as I’ve arthritis and our dog has no hips.

They screamed at me saying both elevators were theirs. That is not the truth, which will come out. What they are trying to do is against rules, laws and fire code. I know, I administered New York State and City fire codes.

I do not care how quickly they wish to deliver and be paid for sofas and chairs and beds, I care that my dog went out for a quick walk and I am not supposed to climb many flights of stairs to get home.

I did register a complaint. These delivery people said nasty things about me and commandeered both elevators that bring me home. They are breaking the fire and building laws for their own convenience and that is not acceptable with what we pay to live here. That’s it for now. Hasta la vista, baby, I’ll be back! Dee

John Robert

That was me, before I came out as a girl. Now I’m Dee, because no teacher could ever say or spell my first name, after a Celtic gal with a very sad story.

Dad taught me to dance, swim, play violin and piano, guitar, touch football and baseball with two bases in our yard. All the kids would come out and call on him to play and he’d say “after dinner.”

Everyone in the neighborhood came to see him every night and his only rule was “everyone gets to play.” That didn’t go for football on the street because babies were carried for baseball and the outfielders fumbled the ball often to make sure the baby made a home run. The street was different and less safe for kiddos. We ┬álived by a sports coach and a canine detective, psych and electronics mentors all and lots of kids in eight houses on one dead-end street. One family had eight kids! Sadly my best friend died of a brain tumor at age seven. They never told me, just said he was visiting relatives. His dad’s wife died and he re-married so they had ten kids! More for play, miss Tommy.

Everyone Dad knew wanted to come to his funeral as well. I’ve yet to see his gravestone but am certain my brother will take me there soon. The funeral director recently sent me a kind letter and a map of this infamous cemetery. This is for Dad and Tommy, Dee


I just heard about this compound yesterday and am researching it. Right around the same time my brother was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes (Type I, age 16). I had but was not correctly diagnosed for 25 years. I have rheumatoid arthritis.

Both are auto-immune diseases that are probably passed on through our genes. Of course my brother is on insulin. I take an OTC pain reliever twice per year on bad days.

They seem to be recommending a Paleo or what I think is Vegan, diet only. No grains, even beans, nightshades like potatoes and the entire family of tomatoes, eggplant. No cheese, no bread. I think I’ll print out this page and eat it. I’m a foodie. I’d just as soon die earlier than force myself into this. No problem getting the skins off and seeds out of a tomato to reduce my risk. More for you as it comes in. Dee



It’s after 2:00 a,m. and I cannot sleep. My husband, first time in a while, is now snoring soundly, dog Zoe is yipping in REM sleep. I was just laughing inside my head while marveling at my family and how I know them so well, so can get up and write a bit.

My husband sometimes talks in his sleep. He tells me I do as well. I never understand a single word he says, just put my hand on his back and say “it’s OK” and snoring starts once again. With the dog it’s different. Sometimes I put my hand on her, usually her REM sleeps are very brief and she goes right back to sleep on her own.

It’s funny how you know people 24/7, and a dog. As a wife and “dog mom” you know what everyone is up to and anticipate what they need all the time. Out? OK, it’s 2 a.m. and I can get a jacket on and do it. That is rare. Zoe’s on really great food and she is not ill often even given her age.

I never lived with someone when I was single. It is very different being with a husband, someone for 15 years as there is a sense of one-ness and camaraderie that you don’t get from going on a date to a movie. Come on, we fart from time to time, so does old Zoe.

When I leave to write or just go into the other room I listen. I know they’re both OK. ABC, Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Yes, I took the first ever course from HSUS and the Red Cross for animals, way back. Yes, I passed and worked with shelter animals and feral cats for 20 years.

I still check on them every 20 minutes I’m in our den typing. They don’t know it, but I’m there. That’s what caring people do for their loved ones. Dee

ps They are fine, I will sign off and go back to them. D


Everybody Knows Your Name

My husband is known here, a but nobody understands what he does for a living. There are doctors and musicians, many others known for their skills.

Dad was known by many and is missed by many, especially his children and fiancee and her family.

I walk our old dog Zoe and everyone knows her. Inside, outside, on walks, whatever. everyone says hello. My husband and I check different things on Netflix and Amazon prime. He’s usually home only weekends and tired so we lay on different angles of the sofa and watch something, like NCIS or lately Cheers or a movie. Never Jane Austen for him!

I’m just the retired wife at home taking care of the house and dog and writing a bit. I don’t begrudge Zoe for having the limelight and time of her aged life taking credit for her sunny personality as it is so and I know it because she has been our joy for nearly 14 years. Do you believe they would not take her as a hospice dog visitor because she eats frozen raw food? They thought she would infect people who had two days to live.

My husband and I used to have a place to go a block away for a burger where everybody knew our names. It is now a flower store, gorgeous blooms, where I shop every week. They know my name but always ask for Zoe. My husband had her photo placed on my credit card. They all know her and ask me to bring her in.

You want to go where everybody knows your name. I will miss Zoe when she passes. She is over 90 in “people years.” Her sunny personality has helped us meet people and deflect dog situations on the neighboring streets, whatever neighborhood we are in. She just knows what to do.

The happiest I see her is when we turn down the five mile road to my in-law’s ranch in Texas. She hops up from her orthopedic bed in back of my SUV and I open the windows. She knows she’ll have a feast from crumbs grandma and I drop during several days of cooking before Thanksgiving. We like it because it’s less to clean up at the end of a day!

Why remember our names? Remember Zoe. She is still with us, just getting old like me. Cheers, Dee


New Home

I gave it up for this, my favorite quote from It’s A Wonderful Life,

Bread that this house may never know hunger, salt that life may always have flavor, and wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever.

As my friend read the note I pulled out the bread, salt and a bottle of wine. That was her family’s gift. Plus some of my homemade soup and dog treats.

I am so happy for them as they’re out of a townhouse and into a home. I recall a wonderful lunch with two old friends, now gone, of one’s parents who had 500 acres of land and a home well within it. Neighbors complained about noise and were told “then get off our property!” Yes, he was West Point, my other friend was Annapolis, both high up, and they had a $10 bottle of wine at stake at the annual Army/Navy game. They are both gone now, heaven rest them. They’re probably still betting on The Game.

A home is something to dream for achieving those dreams means one has roots. Dee


Snowflake II, The Wonder Kitty

I was a volunteer trainer of fellow volunteers. I went out and purchased a bean bag cat and had his ear “tipped” by the tippers and showed my volunteers how do deal with an anesthetized feral cat, how to carry and transport them safely into their carriers to wake up and go back and not repopulate the feral community. Stats said that two cats can make 420K cats in seven years. Trap, neuter, release is my chosen path. Plus education so people don’t leave their kittens at a rec center or throw them out a car window behind a fast food place.

The bean bag kitty, Snowflake, had about as much muscle control under anesthesia as the cats did, which was good but it took extra care. Think about picking up a newborn and cradling the head. A newborn child, awake, had much more muscle control than an anesthetized cat. When we married and left town to places that shoot feral cats, I left Snowflake The Elder for the Volunteers.

One day the SFSPCA was there filming the large spay/neuter operation (pun intended) and they liked my volunteer speech using Snowflake. They had me do it over while the volunteers went to work, then I ran to Transport where I was needed. I’ve never seen the film however my butt must be in it somewhere!

A few weeks ago I got a pair of toy kitties on sale from Easter. A white Snowflake II for my office bookshelf as a remembrance, and a grey kitty for the baby downstairs. If he doesn’t like it, perhaps he’ll give it to his blind dog. They’re labeled bean bags but have very few beans in them. Zoe would chew them up and make a mess in an instant so she can’t get to them now!

I tried to get you a photo of the new Snowflake II but new computer, monitor, phone it cannot be done right now. All I can say is that if there is a feral cat spay/neuter program it’s worth a contribution, if not check out your local no-kill shelters. Volunteer! Dee