They Call Him Flipper,

Flipper, faster than lightning….

That was the intro for the dolphin and family show I watched years ago. My husband just got me a flipper. No, not a marine mammal, just a fish turner.

I just got it a couple of weeks ago and it’s useful for so many things. The remarkable things are that I’ve never had one and have been looking for the right one for years. Second is that he found me a left-handed one. I’m a leftie and that’s how I use my knives but I can only use scissors with my right and was advised by the pro to only golf as a right-hander because the strength is on your left. Not that I golf.

Tennis is left. I could swing a bat either way but must throw a ball with my left and catch with the right. I believe parents and teachers still wonder what to do or berate those who are left-handed. My father would tell those people not to do so. He was made to change by his teachers. He has four children. Two of us are left-handed. Neither my parents nor the Church or school said anything about it, which means they intervened, thanks for that.

Yes, I now have a terrific “leftie” flipper, faster than lightning…. It works for me. I believe in growing and teaching children well and they will find their own way. I’m a leftie and words like deft (rightie) and sinistre (left) mean nothing. When I see a movie or a President signing a bill I notice left-handedness, whether traditional or hook like me.

I could never do calligraphy unless I learned Hebrew. Else I would smudge all the ink. If I were adept at it and I am not, there is no way I could make a living waiting for every letter to dry writing in English.

The flipper is something I’ve wanted for many years. Leave it to my dear rightie husband to find me the right one. I use it every day. Grilled cheese sandwich, done. Thank you, dear, for always thinking of me and your stomach. Cheers! Dee


4 responses to “They Call Him Flipper,

  1. Would the flipper be useful when cooking Flipper? Seems wrong.

    • I would never cook Flipper. I only use a left-handed cooking tool my husband gave me that is really a fish flipper but I used for latkes yesterday.

  2. I would never cook Flipper, dear.

    • He’s just trying to demonstrate that he reads me once in a blue moon. I love my flipper! It’s handy for potato, burger, everything and it’s left-handed so I can hold the pan and flip. I know why I married you all those years ago! xoxo

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