Feral Kittens

I am an advocate of spay/neuter release in a volunteer program that uses humane traps for cats and brings them to a clinic where vets make sure they’re healthy and do not reproduce. Yes, they are brought back to their habitat, but they will not breed.

Six years of my life was spent on this endeavor. It was a concept I had to digest. In my early days one cat’s spine was broken and he had to be euthanized. I’ve a photo but will not share it. The code was HBC. I asked what that was, Hit By Car. You learn those things and how to adapt to any situation. Stop crying and start working.

As head transporter I brought so many cats back for medical OK’s for flea medication or tapeworms that they finally took my word for it. I worked the volunteers and transport. I had “breathers” and we had really great volunteers. I created the wake-up sheet that would demonstrate that a cat had awakened from anasthesia and was just taking a nap before pick-up, rehab and back to habitat. It has been revised. It’s no longer named Dee’s Kitty Wake-Up Sheet (I didn’t name it that ever).

They were not docile cats, quite wild. I saw three newborns in a crate sleeping and they were so cute. Then we had to get them out and the only thing I could think of was a cartoon of the Tasmanian Devil.

One day there was a tiny kitten with breathing problems. I did transport because that was an exercise with sleeping cats and volunteers. Breathing, no. But this time I did it. I sat in ICU with a kitten and a blanket and did accupressure for nearly two hours, asked for his crate well before he killed me and placed him in it. He lived.

There is so much about life and death and kindness, volunteers that continue to move me every day. Leaders that inspire me, fewer in number today, and  I believe the Good Old Boys are out of office and have created discourse that I would normally deem healthy but it is not.

I’ve always wanted our President to be elected on what he or she could and should do, not on negative ads.

The feral cats are loose. They must be humanely trapped, spayed/neutered and released to their habitat. Perhaps sometime people will actually think of their constituents. Keep this one. Dee


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