My dad called yesterday. I was teaching my Swedish neighbor how to cook Texas chili. He taught me to make Swedish meatballs and wants a Kitchenaid mixer so I had him use the one I’ve had for eons and assemble the meat grinder on it and grind nearly 5# of chuck and short rib I butchered for him.

I couldn’t take Dad’s call because I was hands-deep getting ground beef into the saute pan with my husband and two guests. Dad called again and I told him what’s going on here (not pretty).

He said he called because he was worried about our old dog because of the new Asian/Midwest dog flu that kills dogs. In 11 years he’s never met our girl Zoe but cared enough to call, I love him for that. And I’m his daughter, not a dog owner on the street to whom he is telling this story.

I checked it out and AVMA and the state and numerous news reports including Reuters say a dog came from China to Chicago and reports vary but from 1,200 – 5,000 dogs are sick. Six have died but others become carriers and never show symptoms of the disease or look sick. I just read it’s killed another six dogs in Ann Arbor MI. It seems concentrated now on IL, WI, IN and MI.

So, don’t let your dog near another dog on the street, in the elevator, lobby, especially dog parks, vet offices, doggie day care. A lot of organizations in the Midwest have shut down for this disease. From what I’ve read antibiotics might help but some vets want vaccinations against pneumonia. Does that latter vaccine exist? If so these researchers could help so many humans in addition to dogs. Pneumonia seems to be the last disease human patients die from because their immune system is compromised.

From what I’ve read nose to nose dog contact is the best way for direct transfer. It can stay on your clothes 24 hours and if you pet another dog you must wash your hands (face if she kissed you) and some germs last 48 hours, this is a nasty bug.

OK, Dad, you made me do the research. You’ve never met our Zoe and I dread the day she leaves us, but you love me and my husband so you care about our dog you’ve never met. You thought about me for this issue, for what I’ve put into it over decades, and let me know your concern. I thank you and love you for everything, especially the Buick. Dee




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