Rights and Wrongs

A lot happened today, Tax Day. I re-did all our taxes and finished them and paid a software publisher $250 to file them. They will not do so, and an extension was the only way to go. We don’t owe a dime. They owe us, which is great news.

The week before Thanksgiving 2014 I drove my husband’s car halfway across the country because he’d been getting rental cars for months. He drove it the rest of the way and used it to get to work and back from any number of hotels. If anyone needs to stay in a hotel in Silicon Valley for several months my husband can tell you the best way to do it.

So, we put in for mileage for the nearly six weeks my husband had his car in CA last year. Now the government thinks we own or are leasing/selling or have a fleet of cars. My husband drove one car to CA, charged for mileage, and sent it home to another state.

IRS and CA keep asking me to delete the zero on the sale amount and leave it blank. I did so a number of times. Then after I paid the $250 in filing fees after fighting this forever, the software provider said I had to fix the error of my “fleet” or copy and send everything in by mail without any support after I paid $60 for “audit protection.” So I got an extension. We don’t owe anything to anyone but I would like us to see us the money they owe us someday, so have to get around the purported sale of my husband’s car when it is sitting in our underground garage, for now, until they park it and mine in the open in an unsafe neighborhood for the next ten days. Then it just might be stolen. Another debacle. Police, insurance, taxes. Tomorrow is another day, said Scarlett O’Hara.

They’ve been re-doing our underground garage for two weeks and it’s been a constant travail. Not for me, because I feed the temporary valets and placed a cute talking pig on my key chain so they know me. We pay a fortune to park here and we’re now supposed to take a bus to get to an open lot and back. May I remind you that our family “fleet” consists of two old cars that get us from point A to point B and hopefully back to A, home. They are fully owned by us and used personally except for a brief business use for one when my husband was far away for work for several months.

A good thing, indeed more than one is that I can look up the conflicting tax forms tomorrow morning, my husband is actually scheduling to be home two days each weekend instead of one, and I’ve a potential dog sitter to interview if we take a weekend off or go home-hunting. One must take the good with the bad. Cheers! Dee



One response to “Rights and Wrongs

  1. Like Kind Exchange. Starts with Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and judges and many more judges. We never had a like kind exchange. My husband drove his car across country and back and charged mileage for 6 weeks last year. Now they want to know the date it was sold and what it cost to sell it. It is our car, in our garage back home. Think about a family taking a family trip from Wyoming to Disneyland and back home in the same car. That’s what he did. OK, we did have a Kind of Like Exchange, 12 years ago at our wedding. Those were rings. Not cars.

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