See You Tonight

In 14 years of being together, my husband has never said that to me. It was a given until last year, when it didn’t make sense timewise or financially to come home halfway across the country for a weekend.

He’ll still have to fly tonight and I have to plan Saturday dinner and other menus and shop for food but we weren’t wiped out by a tornado last night, despite the storms so all is well. Next weekend we’ve a cooking session with a neighbor (not with husband, he can sleep or go buy dog food) and dinner with neighbor and guest. It’s a Texas Chili lesson with a Swedish neighbor. My husband looks forward to it. Not the prep or lessons, the dinner.

My husband called from 1,000 miles away to say “I’ll Be Home Tonight.” Life is good. Dee

PS They don’t call me the dog lady for nothing. This morning I held my 35 lb Zoe on a leash along with a 120 lb Akita who wants to be her boyfriend (don’t worry, she was spayed at five weeks of age) and they both stayed calm and three feet apart, a leash in each of my hands and were perfectly behaved. Zoe didn’t flirt at all! Cesar The Dog Whisperer would be proud. Cheers, Dee


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