101, not Dalmations

Things To Do.

Last night we had tornado warnings. We cannot get into our garage because of re-surfacing as that would be the best place to go. Dog Zoe was sound asleep after I lifted The Hipless Wonder up to the bed but there was this strange lightning and I could hear the wind.

My husband called from Maine, knowing I couldn’t get to the garage and while I suggested the back bathroom or hallway, he insisted on the stairwell.

Early this morning it’s very cloudy but the Lake looks clear. The second wave of thunderstorms missed us. Dog Zoe is behind me on the futon. It’s not officially “time” (to go out) yet.

Now is a time for good neighbors. Unfortunately one of ours has passed at a young age. A Marquette player and community benefactor, Marc Marotta died of a brain aneurism. He lived here. Yes, I’ve seen him and spoken with him but never really knew who he was. He had the air of someone who thought I should know, but while I admire athletes I do not adore them or keep track.

Now we’re looking at places that get way more tornadoes, severe storms including hurricanes. Why should I worry? My husband and dog slept nine hours through Hurricane Ike, a Cat 5. I sat by our windows and blogged it until the power went out. We spent the morning draining the garage, unblocking storm drains and knocking on everyone’s door to make sure they were OK because management didn’t show up for days. Yes, days.

Well, now we do have a hurricane kit. It’s in storage and we only have access to that for certain hours. Food, crank radio, you name it, it’s in there. Time to replenish if we’re looking at the Eastern seaboard. All for now, friends – Dee

ps My husband is flying in tonight and I have more than 101 things to do. No garage means no trash and I’ve salmon skin fermenting. Not good for a guy who’s allergic to fish.


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