Oh, hon…..

I did have a good night’s sleep without him because our dog went to sleep on his side and he didn’t kick her accidentally in the middle and have her jump off and beg to be lifted back up (she has no hips so can’t jump up) as she loves her pack, that is us, her humans.

Zoe is a gorgeous dog because she gets 20 hours per day beauty sleep and doesn’t need moisturizer, only a bath care of moi every two weeks with Mane and Tail shampoo and a comb-out at least 24 hours later. She doesn’t like blow dryers.

So, my husband was off at work for seven months. Then home for three weeks. Now he’s away for a few days and I’m talking to him. Oh, hon, can you check?????? I need those papers to file X. Dinner will be ready in five! Whenever I say anything he asks what? Not you, dear, I’m talking to the dog. OUT of my kitchen, you already ate. Good girl.

It’s not fair. Send him away. Bring him back sick and I literally bring him back to life with broth, soup and solid food then he’s itchy and twitchy and bored to get back to work so now he’s back. Now I have to take our old dog out and will awaken with my hand on his pillow. Probably talking to him, as well. Married life. Single gals will not get that this is not a spread in a getting married magazine of laying on the sofa together reading the NY Times and doing the crossword.

It’s about real life. Missing each other, arguing from time to time, reaching out for a hand or arm crossing an icy street and knowing you don’t even have to ask or look, we both thought it at the same time. That’s marriage. Not crossword puzzles on the sofa.

He’s arranged to come home every weekend. Oh, I love him so. Now I’ve work to do. Taxes, menus, cleaning, dog walks and bath. I don’t have time to write. Cheers! Dee


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