A Brief “Date”

Yes, our dog Zoe likes every dog she meets but, as a flirtatious “cougar” who was spayed at five weeks has two favorites and just flirts. She does not date.

I know that if we are threatened in any way I can call upon Miko and his dad J. Yes, I made J an interesting quesadilla of pork, cheese and my homemade salsa after Zoe and my “last chance” walk.

Miko is an imposing dog, huge and with gravitas. So is his owner. I feel safe here alone with Zoe and thank my neighbors, all, for checking on us while my husband is away on business.

Now Zoe and I just have to teach G, a Swede how to make Texas chili! I’ll have to issue a challenge. But I have to pass my final exam first, Kottsbullar, Swedish Meatballs he taught me. Then we make Texas chili and I test him. Then we toast, I guess, there are no wagers on this as yet.

I’m enjoying making a different homemade salsa every time and making menus for my husband and for guests. I change things, pizza for young kids as they get to make dough (for us, tomorrow) and roll out my dough and choose toppings. What they choose is so interesting as it tends towards personalities. One is brave, the other just cheese. That might be a great study. Fr. Cap and Fr. Murphy would have liked that. RIP Fathers. To friends, cooking, safety, Dee


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