The Way

It is a heartbreaking story through which at least a father finds redemption. As I read the numbers of people who are taking the Camino now it sounds like more of a tourist trap than anything else. Yes, get your college degree in a month and get it stamped at the Campostela. Fly there, drive a hundred kilometers and get a certificate. You might think it’s good for heart and soul but it is not.

In the film, an opthalmologist takes on a walk his son began and could not finish. The film did not have a huge audience but it’s now on tv so I can see its understatement and power. One reviewer said it was boring or bland. Well, go to Bruckheimer and pals for car crashes and explosions.

I’d hate to say this is a “chick flick” because it isn’t. It is of a man who takes his son on the son’s route, meets fellow travelers and becomes a leader and loves his son and wants to do right. If you’re looking for crashing planes, cars and explosions this is not the film for you, but then you would not be reading this.

Just to make sure you of the Bruckheimer movies not reading this, how about my lemon pound cake trifle? Next time I’ll include lots of rhubarb and strawberries.

Thank you Mr. Estevez, Mr. Sheen, for making a movie I recommended to my retired English teacher aunts, who created the first Holocaust and Native American curricula in the nation. They taught me just a bit about how they taught, just by mentoring me, not to mention how to spell and how to cook.

It turns out they’ve seen The Way and were moved by it as well. Cheers! Dee


5 responses to “The Way

  1. Bought Mom the DVD… I know she’s watched it at least twice!

  2. Carmen Estevez Phelan

    Thank you for watching The Way and for understanding how special it is. I want everybody to see it but sadly, it is not for eveybody. I am an English teacher, too and an aunt, Emilio’s.

    • How kind of you to find this small blog and enrich it with your comment. The first time you cry, the second you laugh and cry and know it is a classic film. My retired English teacher aunts watched and loved it. I thought one would not be able to take it because she used to cry at Dancing Bear on Captain Kangaroo. But she did view and appreciate the film. Thank you so much. This film is one everyone should see for the reasons it shows. Cheers! Dee

      • Dear Aunt Carmen, there is a new book written by a man who was given honors that he could not take in person because he was starting the Camino de Santiago. My eyesight is not great due to recent surgery so I don’t know if I can give you the name of the author or book but it is a club you would love to belong to, the CLSC. The oldest book club in the US is in Chautauqua, the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Society. Thank you, dear English teachers and Aunts. Back in the day my father was president of that great institution and I got to work there in college.

  3. There is a thread here. Last year my Aunt sent me a crayon drawing I made for her at age five. It was of the tin man, the lion, and the scarecrow. I (Dorothy) was teeny and standing on the back of the lion. In her Catholic script my Aunt stated that this work was worth framing. I did so, keeping her comment and it is my husband’s favorite. You and your family make films and there may be a connection to The Wizard of Oz, where we ran to our neighbors to see it turn to color. I’m just a simple person whose pinnacle of artistic endeavor ended at age five. And of all the photos and art we have this is his favorite, that’s something to be said for a life. Thank you, Estevez family, for encouraging me to appreciate what I have, to honor family and always do better.

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