I don’t know many. Over the years they’ve been rare. I am lucky to say that my husband is one and so is his father. Yes, so is my father, of course. My brother, yes, he’s treated me well over decades even though I was his babysitter and that bodes ill in my book because we used to play hide and seek and I wouldn’t look for him for 20 minutes. My husband’s brother could have his photo next to the word “Gentleman” in the dictionary.

As I look over my life the friends I’ve kept in touch with since grade school who happen to be male are gentlemen and very intelligent as well. My Uncle and cousins fit the bill as well.

On our first date my husband went around the car, opened the door for me and took my hand and never let go. It’s been nearly 14 years, married 12. No-one else in the world was my soul mate, spouse and best friend.

Young gents. Learn to say please and thank you and ask to be excused from the dinner table. Say guests’ names or Ma’am and Sir. Write a note for your birthday gift. Dear Uncle Z, I really like the iPad you gave me. That’s why I didn’t send a paper note because I want you to know I’m really using it! Thanks so much! Pete

Make it personal. Always think of the other person first and what their interests are in a conversation. You meet a girl, college. Hi, I’m Jeff. Don’t you look gorgeous tonight! The blue goes with your eyes. Would you like to dance?

In the end, care. If you don’t you’ll be poor or rich, but poorer for not having met the right gal, and in rehab or a nice home with a family that loves you.

I grew up in a very strict household, Catholic French-Canadian and German. Today I find that some children don’t have any rules, only rewards. If you get a C average I’ll buy you a car. What? I had to garden, lay bricks and stones to keep water out and be the concrete chef (mixing Portland cement and sand with water in a wheelbarrow) for the front stoop that will be there until something freezes over. That’s an old story you’ll have to look up on site.

Perhaps that was my first moment as a chef as before, I only opened those tins with cinnamon rolls by rapping them on the counter! Revise story, Dee. I did start organizing parties and making birthday cakes at age eight.

Hope you had a good weekend and know that your husband and sons are gents. And gents, you already know that.  Cheers! Dee



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