We were broken into twice, huge sneaker imprints on doors. Stole my roommate’s Schwinn bike and my Chautauqua tote bag and drove by the governor’s mansion in NY State. The guard, of course, didn’t see a guy with size 14 shoes riding a gold girl’s bike with a tote bag of swag.

He actually left two dead roses at our door that morning. We were lowly-paid analysts working for the state and hadn’t angered anyone we knew.

They took pennies from her Waterford candy vessel, and took a couple of dollars and left the priceless piece.

From me, they went through my closet and it felt as if I was raped. The second time they used the size 14 shoes to go through two 2/4’s into my bedroom. They took an antique cigarette box from my Great Aunt Owee. In it were her necklace and bracelet and earrings of Sapphire and diamonds. I regret that loss every day and do look on eBay to see if I can find all those components.

Dear Owee died 15 years ago at nearly 100 years old. I do have her wedding pearls that I used as “something old” at our wedding 12 years ago. I will continue looking for her things. She gave them to me but I always think of them as borrowed as I would like to give them to the young people in our Canadian family. OK, I might keep the cigarette box as it reminds me of her. Caught me. Dee



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