Same Time, Next Year

Ellen Burstyn was the lead with Kris Kristofferson in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore on my first date, at age 16. My parents chose the movie. I had to be home by ten but he did donuts (360’s) on Main Street on several inches of ice beforehand. We did go out once again.

Last year our County stopped dealing with snow and ice. There was about 4″ of ice on the County sidewalk when I saw all of my older hipless wonder-dog’s feet go out from under her. I raised the leash and saved her but I went down hard. She was OK. I had an 8X10″ bruise that lasted eight months.

Yesterday morning, on a wet street my heel went out from under me at the painted part of a crosswalk. I couldn’t recover (former gymnast) so pitched forward. I’ll have a bruise on my right knee but have pulled muscles on my left side so I could land with my hands and mitigate the fall. No-one helped.

It looks as if Spring is en route here and we may be going elsewhere but at least, after seeing parts of it again, I now understand what Ellen Burstyn was doing in Alice. She was becoming herself. I didn’t understand that at age 16. Or at age 21 when I was supposed to be married to the same guy and called it off weeks after the engagement.

I have now time, with husband and dog. Now I think of Ms. Burstyn as a character with Alan Alda in Same Time, Next Year. We’ll land where we choose to do so. Yes, I’ve made good decisions like having a dog to see how permissive/spoiling my husband is. He is terrible. Treats, human food. But the old hip-less girl follows me around because I’m the food wench and major walker.

In a way I found myself through shelter animals, caring for them, adopting four over 30 years, and spaying/neutering over 2,000 feral cats. Thank you, Ellen Burstyn, for planting a seed in my mind that has been nurtured over the years. Yes, I’ll forgive you if Jack does for Nurse Ratchet. Cheers! Dee



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