18 Karat

At a young age every girl my age had their ears pierced. My mother made me wait until I was 16 to make my decision and we went to a jeweler who pierced my ears with the bullets. Yes, a spike in a 10K gold “bullet.”

Not only were my ears infected for 18 months, I had to use one earring to pass my riflery exam. Over the years I realized I could not use 10K gold, silver, surgical steel, even 12 or 14 K gold.

Years ago my husband bought me two small hoop earrings with a clasp. They are 18 carat gold. I have worn them for over 12 years, day and night. We did our wedding bands in 18K gold.

I came from a wanna be to a Dee to a me to a thee and Dee. I don’t have jewelry. I’ve a gold wedding band from the man I love, and earrings as a dear gift from my husband, one and the same, and I will wear both forever. Cheers, Dee


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