I’m not talking net worth, money or number of people at my funeral, but worthiness as a person.

In that regard I fall short each day and hope the next is better. I had a client, gone to rest now, who used to do a list of goods and betters the morning after a non-profit educational event. Not good and bad, good and better.

All the staff and consultant (me) would gather ’round and be very open about what went well, and what we would do better next time. Some things were as simple as the name tags were in a box under the wrong table so had to be moved.

Perhaps I should do that regularly with me, before I need a name tag and have to find them in office supplies in our spare room. As I grow certainly older and hopefully wiser I realize mistakes I’ve made in my life. I’ve also spent a great deal of volunteer hours over 25 years to help people and shelter/feral animals. What am I worth as a person? I don’t know as I am a work in progress. I think that value may go up day to day. Keep on! Dee


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