I’ve written over 200 reviews for you. This is one of you from a Top Contributor.

Your transition to total money site has shocked me. I enjoyed sharing information on places I visited and looked toward seeing other sites with reviews from actual guests.

You did a really bad job of changing your site. As a Top Contributor I have to pay to log in a review. I can only assume that all the information you stole from your volunteer reviewers is being used for money. I had over 77,000 hits. You used me. You used many volunteer reviewers then tell us we have to pay to put in a review?

I am asking that travelers do not use your service because you lied to thousands of reviewers to promote a business then threw us all in the trash. I believed in you, and you really let me down.

No. I don’t want part of the business. I’m so upset with you right now I can’t believe you want me to pay to write a review after I’ve given you over 200 reviews and over 77,000 hits.

I’m going to have to take all those reviews back from your site. Other reviewers should do so as well, a class action suit may be viable. One of your most visited reviews is one of mine. I will take it from you, from Hell or high water, and your former reviewers will come to me because this site will not be monetized. Dee


One response to “TripAdvisor

  1. They wrote back kind of “whoops” then made me sign it to an account I never had to post a comment. Hey y’all, this is big business now. Being a Top Contributor and getting a tote bag (I never asked for anything) is supposed to be it for a reviewing traveler who has posted over 200 reviews as I thought this was a site for sharing travel experience. It is not. They used us as free reviewers to sell flights, hotels and restaurants. Yes, they used us all.

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