Castle, Art and Food

And good friends, with whom we could not do without. I showed up in Scotland for a few months with my husband with nothing to do but for me to pay bills, check on the dog who was with a friend (and put on 13 lbs and she’s back to 35 now) and call relatives and friends at home on Skype.

My girlfriend from Texas and I saw every castle around, Linlithgow where Mary Queen of Scots was born to Castle Doune which is most known for all but one castle in the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

We traveled by train and saw many wonderful places, art galleries et al. I was blessed to have a “local” to pair up with to tour during the week.

We loved our lunches, whether it would be a great pub on the corner with soup across from a famous church or castle, or a great restaurant. We once had scones and tea in the downstairs kitchen of Pollok House where I saw a painting behind a door and said “that’s El Greco!” It was. There are Goyas as well. Part of the site are the gardens, it’s in a wonderful setting with sheep and fields, and the Burrell Collection. That’s a lot of art. A worthwhile day trip from Edinburgh or Glasgow.

There were so many treats there such as the Glasgow Cathedral, Gallery of Modern Art where I visited my first day for an incredible exhibit of what I believed was expiating sins of selling people into slavery. Fifteen minutes into the exhibit the London Times asked if they could interview me for a front page story in the weekend magazine about the Exhibit. Overwhelmed and jet lagged I said I didn’t want to d it. They took a couple of shots of the White Girl with the painting of a slave ship.

I was scared and alone on my first morning in a new city. They chose someone else for the shot.

My husband and I were in Scotland and London for several months for his work and of course found our neighborhood haunts and they served great food. Pizza right next door. Beautiful, thin crust pizza as the owner was former Carabiniere from Italy.

Mussels at Mussel Inn in Glasgow. Can’t beat it. Order how many mussels you want and the sauce you want. Creamy or garlicky.

There was a lovely lunch place in Edinburgh K and I would frequent in warmer weather, outside on a lovely patio. I don’t remember the name but I think we frequently had salads.

Then there was 88. We planned to walk there, a long way. It was owned by two wonderful ladies, one of which has left us. They had a television show years ago called Two Fat Ladies. They drove a motorcycle with sidecar and cooked a meal for girls’ schools and military guys, not at the same time……..

They created a restaurant at an address at 88, two fat ladies. After our long walk with small backpacks we had not dressed for lunch but were treated well and had a sublime meal. We were inspired by these women who were great in front of a camera and had a lot for us to learn. K enjoyed them on the telly in Scotland and I did in the US. They were joyful about their cooking, meals, the people they prepared meals for and served.

Many chefs now think they just need to be Chef and not cook or fix issues or even grace a restaurant with their mere presence so just have their name on a number of restaurants. Back in the day, I hope the BBC gave 88 gas for the motorbike and ingredients and a cameraman or two but that was it. That is why they are so special. And I got to go to their restaurant. I believe I had a seafood bisque to start. Fish is where to go, so I probably added salmon and we split a dessert.

I didn’t send it to you but I found their current luncheon menu and it must be placed in pdf. Pretty much anything on it would be my choice. Scratch that, pretty much everything on it would be my choice. I started to pick one, then I could not do so and imagined a few other diners at my table so we all try a bit of everything.



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