K Knows

Our neighbor knows that her grandchildren stand in front of our door to whisper her name and get our dog Zoe to bark, thus making me walk outside and let her play with our dear young friends.

Until today I never knew that Grandma knew but the grandkids love our dog and are getting older and will get over it and ask Grandma and Grandpa for horses or Ferraris so the dog thing for ten minutes a day is looking good right now.

All I wish is to tell every young person to be all that you can be, as I see these children loving our Zoe for years I know that they will be good emotionally because their hearts are true. Even if I couldn’t see it, Zoe does as she runs out to see them and she can smell a rat. She does not like bad people or bad dogs. She loves cats!  But these kids are smart, have good hearts, and are kind.

They are arriving soon. I will assure that their canine neighbor is ready for their arrival. Why? Because she loves them as well and would do anything to assure their safety.

Perhaps we can have one or two walks this weekend. Zoe, you and your charges have to ask parents and grandparents and we have to cross at the crosswalk. Yes, the one I had the city create and needs to be repainted. I was thinking of you all the time. Slainte, Dee


One response to “K Knows

  1. I left two things today. A whole corn cob in a brown bag to place in the microwave, with toppings that included butter, salt, pepper and some ancho chili powder. The other was a French pop-up sponge. They showed up to say thanks for both and will call on us tomorrow to walk with Zoe. We don’t have kids but I still can guess what they like.

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