Patients and Patience

Yes, it’s tough to have both. A family member was sent to a hospital far away and seems to be doing well. We did not get to speak but I talked to the nurse and left a message.

My husband awakened at three this morning to catch a flight home. He’s been suffering from flu all week, first one of his new job. He arrived early, the moment I arrived at the cell phone lot at the airport. I was 20 minutes early.

He really has not eaten for the past week. We stopped to see what he wanted. Italian soda, soups, bland foods. I’ve ginger ale at home because he’s starving and is not hungry. After a slice of cheese divided over four crackers he was able to eat about 1/3 cup of soup.

He’s snoring away now, which is what he needs and he says his hotel helped him out this week but he wants to be home. My patient, at the moment, has a great caretaker, our dog Zoe. She’s a sleeper, loves to be on the bed during the day with the sick one as that occasion rarely happens. I just have to lift her up onto the bed as every time I go into the kitchen she jumps down (her front half is OK). Dog therapy. Ah, yes, she will not be accepted to be a therapy dog because we have her on raw frozen food. Even a hospice. In the end, she is our therapy dog.

So I’m trying to take care of the patient while using patience and the Hipless Wonderdog. Cheers! Dee


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