Working for Cars

There’s a resident appreciation event next week, right before they kick us all out of the garage where we pay dearly for a space or spaces, for a power wash, that will probably place calcium deposits on many cars as the water seeps through the garage. They’ve only sealed a few spaces. Luckily my third spot in three years is covered above after the paint on my car was ruined.

We live in an area where parking is at a premium and street parking is impossible to find. There are one-hour, two-hour, three-hour and a few all day spots but they’re inevitably taken. It would be better for them to rotate us through an off-site lot for the day. Surely we pay enough to cover it.

As it is I’ll be alone and have my husband’s car being delivered this weekend, without husband, so with one-hour parking I’ll just be standing on the street awaiting the Parking Nazi. Yes, they’re vigilant. I’ll spend at least a day moving two cars every hour on different streets.

I live for my family, not cars. For me they are only for transportation between A and B. I do know that if both our cars are towed that’s a hassle with which I do not wish to be burdened.

Years ago I learned that if an Assembly bill was amended during negotiations with Senate and Governor it might get to a C (two printed revisions). Nothing ever got to F.

I’m talking degree F here in parking ramifications. It should be built in that we’re taken care of when any garage interruption occurs that is scheduled in advance. I work for my family. I do not work for our two old, great cars. Cheers, Dee


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