“Where’s my cash?”

“Where’s my key?”

Cursory non-worded transaction on a car transport drop-off.

He said I probably already had a key. I did not. He ripped open the envelope and gave it to me. The envelope. He pocketed the cash then remembered I had to sign something to get my husband’s car off a transport. Note to self: never use that company again.

Thank goodness J was there or I may have lost both the money and the car. He also parked a couple miles away and it would have taken me an hour to walk there. Thank you my husband and J! It was a bear parking the car in our garage but I managed it. Thanks so much. Dee


2 responses to “Conversation

  1. The driver never asked me who I was, to provide a drivers’ license or gave proper transport paperwork. He parked several miles away. How am I supposed to drive two cars?

  2. Triple T Trucking from Glendale IL. Boss is I’m waiting for comment from the boss. This is a federal issue as it’s interstate commerce. Let’s see how long before he gives me a call so I have everything documented for the IRS.

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