50% Off Flowers and Fashionistas

Every Friday, at the place that was our old restaurant. He’d get the jalapeno burger and I’d have French Onion Soup. Now it’s a flower shop that has 50% off on Fridays.

Today, after he’s been sick all week, I am having simple spring flowers, daffodils and daisies, delivered to him across the country. He’s not coming home as planned and instead is going to take it easy this weekend, rest and sleep and hopefully watch a couple of action movies I never want to see. We trade on movies which is why after I saw The Ring courtesy of a co-worker he got to see Memoirs of a Geisha…….. twice.


I am not a fashionista. I did make a stop walking (yes, it’s warm enough to walk this week) to the grocery store at a shop. My husband tells me I need clothing. I agree. I bought a really cool black/white cropped shirt that screamed MM. We’re the same age, OK I’m six weeks older but she’s gorgeous and a model. I brought it home and tried it on over my bodysuit and it was so tiny. I gave it to her with the receipt and tag so she could get something smaller. She’s probably a size two.

It fit her perfectly. I took off the tag and crumpled up the receipt and she will wear it. I suggested that with her deft sewing skills she make it a 3/4 sleeve. MM sold me the 1957 Italian Necce sewing machine, the first that ever did a zig zag stitch. It is all metal and gorgeous and I gave it to my mother-in-law, M.

The fashionista model MM told me I had a good eye for fashion. I just don’t wear it (she didn’t say that). And I think I’m cool with First M. She loves all those cams and learning that new old machine. I married her son, then we gave her a super cool sewing machine and she has no-one to sew for now. I may come up with some legacy ideas.

When laid up after knee surgery she did make some hopsack towels, each embroidered with different herbs and their names. I’ve a great iron and keep them pressed and sometimes use them as napkins at the dinner table. Most guests are afraid to touch them because they’re so special. They are special, as is my family, all. Dee



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