No, I don’t have one. Happily married for over 12 years. Way back in college I used to go out for a white sangria with a dear friend, a lawyer best friend of an ex-boyfriend, about once a week for an hour, then my boyfriend at the time would pick me up and we’d go out somewhere else. Once I believe they may have passed each other in the dorm hall.

Well, the cougar got in the middle of it this morning. Yes, my aging dog Zoe. We ended up in the elevator lobby with her two young flirtations, M & M. One a huge Akita and the other a Boxer mix. It was quite funny but we got out of there quickly, each to a different location, because the big one doesn’t like other males and the young buck likes people more than other dogs and they both like their Aunt Dee. Young M’s “big brother” J, RIP, used to go into our bathroom and shut the door to get a few moments of peace from playing with my dog’s precious (to her) toy.

Yesterday, her new collar finally arrived. Hand-made from Asian silk. Emerald green with cherry blossoms, just in time for St. Patricks’ Day. An Irish friend and I have agreed to change Zoe’s name to Colleen (“lass”) for the one day. I’ll need to find something green to wear as well. I’ll have to try to look at least as good as my dog. It’s a tough act to follow, nudge nudge wink wink as I’m at the back end of the leash….. Cheers! Dee



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