Leaving On a Jet Plane

I do know that after seven months away on business, my husband will be back this Friday night. Yea! Right now he has a bad cold but is sleeping it off, having decimated a box of herbal tea and several boxes of tissues.

He arrived home at midnight, Friday night and I’ll drive him to the airport Sunday morning for a new endeavor.

For years I’ve loved to sing harmony in the car, especially driving with my husband asleep in the passenger seat or when we’re moving cross-country with two cars and I have the dog in the family-mobile on her 4″ huge orthopedic bed in the back of my SUV. Peter, Paul and Mary. Leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again. Hey, babe, I hate to go.

I can’t sleep at all. He’s snoring away, and the dog has taken my space on our bed. Oh, well. It might be time to try a haiku. It’ll be bad, trust me. Cheers, Dee


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