Wouldn’t we all like a dish of that! I hosted so many work parties for birthdays, retirements, promotions I can’t even count and got nothing when I left. Why? Because I organized all the parties.

Today my husband was honored by his client, his colleagues in a group effort. He’s headed home to me after he picks up his luggage at the airport. Only for a day, before he picks up another client with a four-hour time change. Three cross-country, another from Spring Forward.

He was surprised and gratified that his client appreciated his work. Tomorrow, don’t tell him, he doesn’t read my blog, I decided on NY strip steaks, baked potatoes with scallions, sour cream, butter and perhaps a few crumbles of bacon, and a salad with yogurt ranch dressing. Bottled. He hates it when I make my vinaigrettes.

Oh, my. When we left one employer several years ago I hosted our going-away party for all his buddies! One stands out in my memory from over ten years ago when a friend took over our home and brought in neighbors and pizza and beer and wine and we almost forgot how sore we were from packing and lifting boxes.

I’m looking forward to seeing my love and having him home on the weekends. The dog, now eleven years old, looks at him with a bit of suspicion because he shows up for a day and leaves. That’s the way things roll. Cheers! Dee


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