Pin the Tail

Yes, I’ve an archived photo of a birthday party in our 1965 garage with my dear neighbor and friend Tommy and we were pinning the tail on the donkey for prizes. He died of a brain tumor before age ten and my parents chose not to tell me he was sick. He had six brothers so I found out soon enough.

Now that we are looking into new places to live closer to the job my husband begins in a few days, he bought a map of the USA I received today and have not opened, and pushpins. We’re going to play pin the tail on the US, with online data from census, walkability scores, crime stats, education, housing opportunities and mainly, airport schedules for nonstop flights to cities served. Oh, and the nearest Whole Foods. That works well for me searching neighborhoods once we select a city.

Airport is important so my husband can come home on the weekends to see me and dog Zoe. While so much more information is available now than in donkey times, sometimes it’s too much and sometimes not enough.

Perhaps a casino can set up a game with five airports that fly where we may need to go. We put in ten bucks, pull the lever and figure out where to live. I’m looking at housing and everything is expensive. We have no information as to where other clients he may be serving are located so it’s literally back to…. pin the tail with Tommy, God rest his soul.

His family has an Irish bar in my old hometown. I stopped by perhaps 20 years ago en route to my Aunt’s from the airport to order a soda. I was challenged by the bartender as to who I was. When I told him he put my tooth through my lip dragging me down the street on my bike, and I missed the school trip to the Zoo the next day, he knew I was his kid neighbor.

He then bought me the soda, and told me that his younger brother’s wife just had a son the day before, and named him Tommy. Let’s hope Tommy is on our side on this choice. Raise the pint Tommy never grew up to have to his memory and his family, Dee


One response to “Pin the Tail

  1. Last night Jim said that if we were in a nice mixed-use building with a Whole Foods downstairs I’d never leave. Ha! He just says that because he wants me to make a superb dinner every night.

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