What’s In a Name?

Everything. Ladies, perhaps keep your name and credit and have one joint account. When you book utilities and buy a car or home and get auto, home and umbrella insurance do halfies.

Half his, half hers. This week my auto insurance company made out a check to my husband for repairs. I am on the title and the policy and they could only make it out to my husband or the repair shop, not to me. My husband is 2,000 miles away on business and cannot cash that check so they made it out to the shop.

I just received a notice to my husband alone, even though I am on the bill. It is tiresome. I set up a temporary apartment for my husband because he was coming in two weeks before me for a new job. Months later there were anomalies on bills and I called to check things out. No, you’re not on the account.

He came home tired, at night, and I had to call and stay on hold for an hour and then get a person, tell him who he was and give SSN identification, then give them my name and add me to the account and have him turn the phone over to me to deal with the issue. Once, a utility provider gave our payments to some family in Texas for three months and threatened to cut us off. I needed my husband’s permission to contact them directly.

What’s in a name? I use my husband’s last name. He wished that for our marriage. I placed both names on my bank account and now they will only deal with him. We created two new accounts together, we’re both signators and have access to all accounts. I do the bills and the banking. They’ll only speak with him.

America, what has happened? Not only do we make 2/3 what a man in the same job does at work, we own property but only our husbands are allowed access to address issues with said property. I’m not taking any veil, one of subservience and a mask of myself, or becoming a Nun.

People and businesses, I have worked for years for rights for women and good care for animals. I feel right now more like an animal. I hold title to property and goods and no-one will allow me to do my job as a person, a woman, a wife. What is our country coming to? Dee


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