What Would You Cook?

En route to a new endeavor my husband will be home for one dinner. His favorites are: steak and loaded baked potatoes with salad; and spaghetti and my homemade meatballs.

He has been eating lunch at Subways and dinner for burgers, breakfast at the company cafeteria, for seven months.

Organ meats are out of the question, don’t have me make any Rocky Mountain Oysters. I need to make him something he can’t get in a restaurant.

I’m thinking roast chicken or capon if I can get it in time. Apple-Sausage Stuffing, Brussels Sprouts with bacon. Perhaps a cauliflower puree.

Honey pound cake as a Trifle with cranberry sauce and lemon curd and whipped cream and berries.

Thank you, as always, for helping me think. I have to go order that capon as I’ve only five days to go. Here’s to husbands coming home from work, even if it takes months at a time. Cheers and have a great weekend! Dee


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