The Marrying Kind

I was a tomboy so didn’t dream of weddings and did not have scrapbooks dedicated to that special date. Instead I was encouraged to graduate college and have a life of my own.

Twelve years into marriage I still don’t have what one would call a “wedding album,” just a scrapbook from shots taken from our guests at an elopement. Its cover shows one our favorite dogs, Gus, with a placard of congratulations around his neck. That photo sits by my desk every day to remind me not only of his wonderful life, but of ours.

A week after we met, we had lunch at a sports bar, just burgers. I opined that I never wanted an engagement ring, it just wasn’t fair. And that it’s about a marriage. So many women get carried away and think this is their day and they’re going to cost their parents a fortune for a dress, a band and a party.

We eloped, for many reasons, and our families have forgiven us. Eight of us sneaked into a eucalyptus grove overlooking the Pacific ocean and a dear friend married us with vows he wrote. It is about the marriage and he was married 62 years before passing and his widow and I are still in touch.

My husband told me he’d need to be desperate for me to fall in love with me. I knew the moment he took my hand on our first date and helped me out of his car. Of course I didn’t tell him that it was love. It was up to him to figure it out.

As a wife of over 12 years I have strong opinions and so does he. We just work things out. I know when things are about to happen, most of the time, and am there for the glory or to pick up the pieces. That’s what best friends do for each other. That, my dear readers, is what life is about.

I think of Etta James singing “At Last.” My love is here to stay. He’ll be home on Friday. I need a menu and to clean up this place and even show him I know how to put a new battery in my old computer. Do you have a dime to unlock the plate?

He’s the electronics guy and late night dog walker. I do everything else. From Just The Wife, Dee


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