By that I mean cradle board or child carrier. My college head adviser, professor, priest and friend for nearly forty years had an office filled with books. Atop the shelving were papooses from the Hopi, who he served every summer.

Many years ago I thought it was strange that a Catholic priest would have baby carriers everywhere. They were beautiful, and also represent life. Sometimes I think he might rather talk to a child who could fit into a papoose than an errant  college kid like me and others.

Now I’ll never know. I couldn’t fly in for the funeral masses. Heaven knows there would be hundreds of people at each one. I may be content visiting my local church for Mass, and lighting a candle in his name. I do regret not getting to see him in the past years as his health declined.

Well, he’s already given me a job, he didn’t waste any time, finding a dog for a neighbor who is elderly and disabled. I went to a Franciscan college. St. Francis is the patron saint for animals. I am the go-to person in that regard, volunteering for over 20 years. They don’t call me the dog lady for nothing. I’ve a good “bite” today from a reputable organization who recognizes my service for the main organization on our campus and my mother’s service as a volunteer for the female breeding dogs in their new northern home.

I received a nice note from this organization today and am hoping to help my neighbor and a dog who needs a job. I told Fr. Cap that St. Francis has always and will continue to put me to use.

Here’s to the Father I will miss and keep in my heart forever. God will bless him. Dee


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