Good Signs

Over 12 years ago, my husband and I eloped. There were eight of us and everyone played a role. Dear friends, a Navy Captain and his wife, helped out. He married us and she was a witness on the marriage certificate.

She also made me allow her (you don’t argue with J, her three sons know as much) to buy my wedding bouquet. I saw a simple arrangement in a small vase at the florist and said “that’s it.” She wanted something more grand, I said small. I got yellow French tulips and alstroemeria in pink and yellow and ordered it to be wrapped in pale blue silk ribbon to carry through the eucalyptus grove we trespassed onto, overlooking the Pacific ocean, for the Ceremony, which the Captain wrote for us.

I already had my great aunt’s pearls (old), new pearl earrings, a borrowed bracelet and now the blue ribbon.

Today I received flowers, and not from my husband, a thank-you gift that is business-related. Valentines and our anniversary have passed and we have a pact not to celebrate “Hallmark” dates.

My husband asked me to engrave our wedding date and my birth date into his wedding ring. He still forgets both. Today’s flowers include yellow tulips and pink and yellow alstroemeria, from my wedding bouquet. There is no way the sender knew my wedding flowers as my husband does not even know them.

It’s a good sign of things to come. Cheers, reader. Let the weather warm and the birds be happy that they flew North two months too early! Dee


One response to “Good Signs

  1. Dear Texas, our family there, all lives included through the years, have spent hundreds contributing to your economy, community, agriculture and other endeavors. We enjoy good standings in many communities, have at least 50 for Thanksgiving Dinner at Nanny’s and they forgave us for eloping, perhaps? J will always be a part of Texas. I’ll try but make fancy food. D

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