Right about now I think I’m about to be recalled. My college mentor was recalled and buried yesterday.

I scratched a pole in our tight parking garage the other day, then received two recall notices this week that say if the air bags have been in hot and humid weather, if they deploy that metal shards may kill me even if someone runs into me and the accident wouldn’t have done as much damage. Me, not the car.

My insurance company tried to get me to concentrate on the scratch and dent and told me it was all my fault. Yes, my neighbor entered the garage and waved  and I waved back at 1m per hour and scratched the concrete pole.

The auto manufacturer said I had two other recalls I’d never received, one for seat belt malfunction and the other for keys falling out of the ignition when the car is not in Park.

Let’s do the scales of justice. My insurance company is demanding the car for a dent and scratch. My car manufacturer says it’s time to come in because I could be killed because my key could fall out of the ignition in drive or reverse, my air bag could fail or inflate and kill me, and my seat belt will not keep me from going through the window. The parts are scarce and I ordered them the day of the recall notice and was told it would be 7-10 days before they arrived on site.

Small dent or life. No choice according to my insurance company. Did I say I was a former insurance analyst for the government, looking for client mishaps? You’ve read of my success against the insurance industry. I’m waiting for them to tell me that my car potentially killing me protects them against helping me out on a 1  mph mishap in our parking garage.

Tune in for the next episode of As The SUV’s Turn. My fantastic car is nearly 12 years old, I love it and want to keep it for another five years at least. Ok, I’d also love to move to the Rockies and once again look at blue skies and mountains forever. Yes, both.

It’s freezing here and I have to gear both me and the dog up for a walk. No, not a drive to a fun place as my car is not safe because my seat belts won’t work and my air bags will send metal shards through by body. Chances are the ignition has already choked up my key and I’ve no control so am probably doing a Thelma and Louise exit. Great movie ending but not mine. No way.

There are priorities in life and they include my husband, my dog’s and my safety. The insurance company can wait for the dent.

For me, my husband and our lives we are awaiting parts for the recalls and I’ll get the dent taken care of later. Our insurance company is more mechanized by the day and given an hour or so someone may get on the phone and the number they posted is wrong for our area. The new number takes another hour and the person on the other end of the line is so rude it is beyond description.

When did customer service become a bad thing to offer? I certainly thought this offspring of the most revered stock trader in history would continue to provide support to its customers, especially those who’ve been with them for at least a decade.

Is there a Hire a Gecko line I can choose? Cheers, Dee


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