My Uninsurance Company

with whom we have multiple accounts, is investigating me, via this blog. Isn’t that fun. No-one else would have hit the term insurance several times in the past 24 hours. I used to regulate the insurance industry and remember a few things.

We deny your claims

You are to blame for damage

We increase your rates

That is my Haiku to the Gecko. He says to just keep sending us premium payments. We’ll investigate you for a small dent and scratch.

Why? I put it off for a week. Glad you asked. Earlier this week I receive two Safety Recall notices from the manufacturer that as my car has lived in a warm, moist climate if the air bags deploy they may kill me with shards of metal. Also that the seat belts may not work. If that’s not enough, the key may fall out when the car is not in park. So, I’ve a car with no control, no seat belts and no air bags. Great.

The Gecko is telling me he’s investigating me because a little ding is more important than being killed by an air bag and a seat belt that doesn’t work after the key falls out on the freeway. I beg to differ. As long as they’re reading my blog I must say hello or I would be remiss in my hospitality. Hi!

Some folks have priorities. I have people to love and protect and will have the information required for my Safety Recall. Having the rare parts in and getting my car so it will not kill me is more of a priority than a minor dent. When the parts are in, the Safety Recall work will take four hours and will make me feel safer driving up the highway to see the inspector.

It’s interesting that when it’s a recall, it’s called service. When it’s a dent, the insurance company you’ve paid premiums to for years send an inspector. When I pay for insurance, I expect service. Thank you, Dee


2 responses to “My Uninsurance Company

  1. For the air bag recall, aka “service” I was told it would be eight weeks to get the parts. Two down, six to go. Unbelievable that when car owners could die, manufacturers put off notices for years and then don’t have the parts.

  2. Four months later, it’s finally done. It took six months to get the air bags. Service was great and of course they want me to buy a new car. Living under a cloud knowing it for months and now knowing the danger has always been there has made me wary.

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