Scary Things

I love my car. It’s a mid-sized SUV that is perfect for me and the dog for traveling, she’s in back with water on her 4″ orthopedic bed. No, she’s not spoiled.

This afternoon I got a recall notice saying that if this car was manufactured in a hot, humid climate the airbag, if deployed, may disperse metal fragments that can kill occupants.

It gets better. I received a notice for each air bag today. There are two more. I’ve been driving this car since 2008. One is about faulty seat belts and the other that the key may come out of the ignition when the car is not in park. I never received those notices.

Did I say I love my car? I’d like to keep it at least another five years. These safety issues baffle me, however. There’s a backlog on the air bag parts (also in the notice) so it’ll be a week or two before the nearest dealership calls me to come in. They say the car is fine to drive as I’ve been driving it for nearly seven years with the defects.

Let’s see, air bags, seat belts, ignition errors. I just don’t feel as safe anymore. Dee


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