Entitlement II

Right now I live in a 20 story tower overlooking a big lake a block away. We have a trash chute. Those entitled persons never take the fraction of a second to turn the handle and turn off the red light on the trash chute, thus inconveniencing 19 floors of residents and requiring maintenance to go floor to floor to find the problem.

They never know who is the problem, however. My husband, software guru, has given them two easy ways. I’m low tech and would go for fingerprints.

When we were out west all the movie people would come out around this time and my husband and I called them PIB’s and SPIB’s. People In Black, and Servants of People In Black. The SPIB’s took over the grocery store. They wouldn’t let your cart or personage walk by because their butt was in the middle of the aisle looking for the perfect tea.

I was on that aisle with a basket asking to get by. No way. I was asked to join Sundance in publicity and was slated for volunteer training. Things changed and I ended up with more snowy weather, no hills.

In the end I give, I do not take. Entitlement is rampant and I would rather live a simple life with my husband and dog than feel more important than everyone else in the world. If I did, my dog would be tiny and in a designer bag. Now, in order to keep her paws from all the salt and snow, I do pick her up on occasion. Not in a designer bag, in my arms as any dog mom would do. Cheers, Dee


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