I read this sitting at my desk a little after eight on a Saturday morning, after taking out the dog and feeding her frozen raw meat with blueberries and carrots in it.

Yes, I was eating organic raisin bran topped with non-organic sliced banana and OK, organic milk. I was trained as a cook. I shop the outside (produce, fish, meat, dairy) and go inside for rice, tea, pasta. Whole Foods produce people are good to me, the butchers are great, and the cheese folks help me out whenever I need it. I don’t see what’s wrong in buying food at Whole Foods.

I also go to a local shop for certain things, an Italian shop nearby for 00 flour for my pizza dough and large blocks of mozzarella, also wonderful sun dried tomatoes.

A local bodega is my source for dish soap and dishwashing detergent. They have no meat department but make great sandwiches and have a decent cheese selection. They specialize in beer but that’s not my thing.

For paper products, in a pinch it’s the drugstore (I hate WF’s paper) or huge quantities via Amazon Prime. It’s the only way to go.

The other day I accidentally bought soy sauce from WF that is gluten free. Why would I do that. Wrong glasses, I think. There’s this entire gluten free area I avoid. Yes, the political correctness is annoying. I’ve been trying for years to figure out why they sell steer (emasculated bull) and not capon (emasculated chicken). And I don’t like that the gluten free people and multiple supplement customers look at me like I’m a monster for buying linguine with flour in it. I know they also buy a lot of chocolate and junk food!

They do have the best veg in town. I spread the wealth around the neighborhood. Everyone has their specialties. I know what I want, and need. Some of it is at Whole Foods. Cheers, Happy Saturday! Hope you got to sleep in later than 4 a.m. Dee


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