My Priest

He is near death. We have known each other for nearly 40 years and I’d hoped to see him before now. He has been a savior, my savior teaching me to learn and believe in myself, and to help others. He helped shape my life.

I wanted him to marry us 12 years ago last week. He wouldn’t until my husband became a Catholic, and perhaps me as well. I did miss Confirmation because we moved in a small town and had to go to mass elsewhere. It was a small town so confirmations were only done every other year and I missed it. I was also a rebel on issues regarding women in the Church. In other ways as well like women in sports. I think he liked my enthusiasm, not necessarily the message.

I awakened the other night with a very strange entire body feeling I’ve only had when someone close was dying. Immediately I thought of him and reached out to my alma mater. Hours later I received confirmation from another priest that he had just been moved to comfort care, aka hospice and expected only a few days of life.

Fr. C will always be in my heart. He deserves Heaven, and to meet St. Francis, who brought us together. Many people love him for his faith and actions and that love is deserved. I will miss my teacher, my mentor, my friend. With sadness and love, Dee


One response to “My Priest

  1. He is gone. And he gave me homework, probably after meeting St. Francis, patron saint of animals. I have to find a dog for an elderly neighbor in a wheelchair with MS. Thanks guys. Keep this up and I’m a consultant for hire! RIP Fr. Cap. You will always be in my heart.

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