It seems to spread so fast, and can be dangerous. For parents who don’t want to get a vaccine to help their children, family, friends and people across the country, think again.

When I was growing up there was no vaccine. We were lucky that Jonas Salk found a vaccine for polio. I suffered both types of measles, chicken pox and mumps in two years as a kid. That’s after having ear infections up to age four and that day my tonsils were extricated and they said I could have all the ice cream I wanted but I couldn’t even think of eating anything.

To my dear mother-in-law, the nurse, I’ve asked to please tell me if my husband has already has experienced measles or whether he needs the vaccine. He only recalls chicken pox. M, you know better as his mother.

Just as I don’t believe in using antibiotics for a common cold, immunizations are now reviled by some and a political issue. This is a health issue. This morning I saw politicians very badly straddling a fence that was about to fall. Do we really want smallpox, tuberculosis, and other diseases to return and kill thousands or millions because parents want to “protect” their children from a vaccine while injuring or killing others because of that decision?

Think of this litigious society and that if I don’t give Peter the vaccine and he gets measles and passes it to two other kids who get sick as well, just look at the lawsuits. There won’t even be any more reality TV, it’ll all be lawyer ads for MeasleGate. Heavens, I just gave the bottom feeders something to chew on. Hey, I’m your agent, I get 10%. Hello? Shark #1 caller just hung up on me.  Kidding.

I am not a measles carrier or a water carrier for others to cash in, only satire for a bad situation. That I’m not a carrier is always good for family and friends to know, Dee


One response to “Measles

  1. M says my husband had the vaccine. Never had measles and will not now. Thank goodness.

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