I need to add that to dog Zoe’s resume. She’ll turn eleven years old this week, 77 in dog years. She’s taken to flirting with younger and older men, mostly younger therefore cougar. Flirting only, no dates.

Let’s see, there’s Wurli, he’s probably 15 by now, real age. Miko is about three. Marley’s not even two and she had a major flirt going on when he was over for dinner, don’t worry, he had three chaperones.

She did really like Jake, who passed last year, and was exactly her age. Gorgeous Golden Retriever. He and Zoe played for about four hours as he stayed for a weekend when his folks were away. He went missing for a few minutes and I heard panting. He locked himself in the bathroom to get a break! As his health began to fail, I’d go over to walk him sometimes and if I didn’t see him, I knew he was in the bathroom. He knew how to get in and shut the door, not how to get out.

One thing I like about our place, other than the view, is that some people do really care for each other. Singles all over the world, get a dog. You’ll meet some really good people. If you can’t or won’t have one, offer to walk a friend’s dog, a friendly one, even a cougar. I didn’t meet my husband that way but that’s how I found him a home, The Barbie House, 1,000 feet from my place.

When we talked about having kids I said that we had to get a dog first and see how bad he is. I’m the disciplinarian and food wench. He’s terrible, the fun guy. Dog for 11 years, no kids. Dog sleeps on the sofa and on the bed, to which she must be lifted nowadays. Who’s spoiled? The cougar. Cheers! Dee


One response to “Cougar

  1. We finally saw Wurli this morning. He’s 18 and still ambling around. I’m glad Zoe has an older friend to flirt with (they saw each other across the street and had to say hello) who is a good influence. Thanks L and L!

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