I always wondered why I didn’t really have business mentors, yet they’ve been there all my life. It’s just that they were life mentors, teaching everything one needs to know. As a consultant I sometimes needed an “old white guy” to give me gravitas and make my message as a young professional heard. They may not have said a word but they’ve had my back. They know who they are and I am forever thankful for their presence in my life.

Of course we have immediate family growing up, then husband and for us, a dog who keeps me in check at all times. Then we have others. Like Otis, who has been with me as a dear friend, heart and soul, since the first day of college.

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. Two grown men outside my brother call me Sis. I’ve a sister J and a mother J, both the same name. A sister M as in my husband’s mother and V a cousin. And another father, AJ, who married us and wore a nice suit. He told me that a few years back when Alzheimers took a step back and allowed me in. I can visit him anytime, interred at Annapolis, honored by all.

My life is rich with history and childhood memories, current events both political and life-changing. Many people have given me guidance over the years. Mentorship, if you will. Ethics, morals, being smart, kindness, care for beings (thanks St. Francis and OFM Fr Cap and Fr John), good judgment, respect, honor and service to others. Thanks, Auntie L for also teaching me to read the dictionary in the powder room and come out with a word, spell it and use it in a sentence. Yes, she’s a retired English teacher. Cheers! Dee


One response to “Family

  1. To G and J in Oregon, you lit up a fire of knowledge, creativity and the need to make change. Thank you for your inspiration.

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