A Nation of Dependency

Look north at the left ear, the west coast of the USA. The right ear, the east coast. There is supposed to be a brain in between and Warren Buffett and so many others prove that to be true.

The only information given to those, like Warren Buffett and all of us in between the ears, is what is happening to the ears. Don’t get me wrong. My tonsils were taken out on my fourth birthday because of recurring ear infections. A doctor put a metal probe through my brain at age 12 because of strep throat and an ear infection.

What is important, through my life of always having cotton swabs at the ready to clean out any water in the ears, is what is between those ears.

It is called a brain. Lincoln came from Illinois. Most entrepreneurs came from the brain of this nation. Not the ears. But all the news we hear is from the ears, not the brains.

Fewer farms in the US equal fewer smart, hard-working kids who go to college and make a difference in the world. When I asked my fiancee what he did on Christmas, holiday traditions, he said “milked cows.” That’s middle of nowhere Texas. He chose physics in college and is very successful today. When people know they’ve a former farm boy they know dedication and hard work.

I do care about how the news cycle is so slanted to the coasts that they forget the remainder of the country, the people who ship their wheat, chicken and capon (for you) and turkey, beef, pork and bacon to their shores.

This is not indentured servitude. The media and those swelled with self-importance and as a trader, with perhaps a red Ferrari, neglect the heartland. Heaven forbid the heartland boycotts the coasts. Yes, you could still ship from Japan and Europe but you wouldn’t have bread, beef, chicken, corn, our cheeses,tomatoes, veggies and we could stop the economy cold.

I love thinking outside the box. I don’t plan to do it but it is a cool idea. Dee


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