“Thanks, Dee,

you’re the best.” That’s what I like to hear.

Dog Zoe and I have guests coming Wednesday. Oh, no, I have to clean! Every day, again, dog fur. Luckily they’re used to dogs. I have to clean out the pantry and have good stuff for one last trifle, which they love. We’ll pair it with heavy appetizers and a bit of vino.

Tonight I had an experiment. Cornbread bread pudding with smoked sausage. It could have used a spicier sausage, and more pudding and Gruyere cheese, plus an undercurrent of shallots and garlic. It was a last minute thing, placing this mixture in a bit of bacon fat in the oven in a cast iron skillet. It could have really used some hash brown potatoes, then it would be a perfect tasty and not really pretty brunch dish, or dinner for a busy couple.

But it’s not often I’m told “Thanks, Dee, you’re the best.” And it was from my recipe taster. My husband didn’t even say that on our 12th anniversary yesterday. He didn’t remember the date even though he had me inscribe it into his wedding ring. Here’s to new recipe creations, Dee


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