Yes, I found a $500 TUMI three-suiter bag at recycling. It cost us $3 for a screw to fix the handle for a bit of black paint for said screw to put this new bag back together as my husband’s “go to” travel bag.

A few weeks ago at recycling I found a huge bag. Everything these days is called “packing materials.” It would be great, brand new as well, for comforters and pillows.

Thirty years ago I bought a mason’s bag that was great for short trips. My husband “stole” it for an extra set of clothing and toilet items in case of blizzards. It’s in his trunk across the country.

I bought another, for the dog. If we need to drive together cross-country, I’d like to have her food, water, bowls, treats, and travel pillow (yes, she’s not spoiled) all in one place in the back seat. She’ll be in the way back on her 4″ orthopedic bed.

In terms of bags, we have many. I have many. Italian leather purses. My canvas bag from the Gucci Museo in Florence. Best story is my Harrod’s bag. I bought three, two as gifts back home. I never went to Harrod’s. I ordered them online from London.

When we moved here all our stuff had been in air-conditioned storage for three years. We got rid of a lot, and I found a bag with rice and such in it with bugs. My husband trashed it. I asked him what bag he threw away. “My Harrod’s bag?” He went after it, God bless him, and I still have it today.

Today I received an interestingly shaped box with Zoe’s new suitcase, the Mason’s bag, in it. It’s vertical and while going to break it down and take it to recycling, I realized it would be useful for packing pictures. Chalk it down to packing materials. Cheers! Dee


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